(Clearwisdom.net) After the announcement of "Falun Dafa Week" from June 10th to 16th 2002 in Ocean County, New Jersey, people from all walks of life there have shown a warm response.

1. Government officials issue eight proclamations and attend the celebration

Government officials including the State Senator, Congressman, County Freeholder Director and Mayors of each major city issued a total of eight proclamations, which highly praised the contributions of Falun Dafa and its founder Li Hongzhi. Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph Vicari, Deputy Mayor Carmine Inteso of the Township of Dover, Ocean Gate Borough Assemblyman Dr. Richard Hanusey and Assistant to Mayor Warren Sherard of Lakewood Township personally attended the celebration and gave warm speeches.

2. News media report about Falun Dafa

The two largest newspapers in Ocean County - Asbury Park Press and Ocean County Observer, individually dispatched two groups of reporters to cover the ceremony and exercise instruction event. Both positively reported about Falun Dafa and "Falun Dafa Week" prominently on the second and third day. Reporters also individually interviewed participating government officials and reported their high impressions of Falun Dafa. They also posted large photographs of residents learning the exercises.

3. Local library and municipal government offer aid in the promotion of Falun Dafa

Ocean County Library senior librarian Ms. Carol Zsiga personally attended the "Falun Dafa Week" celebration event and gave the opening speech. After the event, Ms. Zsiga wrote to the practitioners expressing her appreciation of the very successful event held at the Ocean County Library. She expressed her hope that another large scale Falun Dafa introduction seminar would be held there. The Lakewood Township municipal government decided to hold a large scale Falun Dafa introduction seminar at its City Hall in July. The Lakewood Township Library decided to simultaneously hold "The Journey of Falun Dafa" exhibition and Falun Dafa seminars in September.

4. Residents respond warmly and inquire about learning how to practice Falun Gong

According to the Ocean County library staff, area residents attending the Falun Dafa introduction class were quite happy with the activities. They indicated that they had obtained very helpful information and would continue to learn and practice. According to Lakewood City library staff, after reading the reports on Falun Dafa many residents made phone calls to the library and requested to attend a Falun Dafa seminar. Ocean County Retiree Association President Ms. Mariana telephoned a practitioner and expressed her hope of introducing Falun Dafa to its members.