Fa-Study Experience

Not being able to calm my heart to study the Fa had been continuously bothering me. Almost every time I studied the Fa I approached it as if I was finishing up a chore. I didn't know what I had been reading even after reading the book for quite a while. Failing to change this situation over time, I became very upset with myself.

I made up my mind to study the Fa seriously, not targeting any specific quantity or duration of reading. Even if I only read a short section, I would approach it seriously and read it well. I told myself to have respect for the Fa, to put aside all mentalities of pursuit, and to put down everything I was doing. I thought to myself, "Now I'm about to do a most sacred thing."

I encountered considerable difficulty at the beginning. I was not able to concentrate. I had to read a sentence several times to understand it. As soon as my mind wandered off, I immediately read it again until I could grasp what I had been reading. Sometimes it took me three to four hours to read one lecture, but I read it seriously with my mind focused on reading. When the reading was good, I felt my whole thinking and each cell of my body connecting to the words in the book, to the point where it was difficult to have my mind wander off. Reading the book this way for several days, I discovered that my mind seldom wandered off, and the constant re-reading of the same sentences occurred less often. My speed of reading also kept improving. Moreover, I was able to read other Dafa books, such as Teacher's articles, with a more concentrated mind. I studied the Fa well, so my mind was tranquil. When I did something I did it with great concentration. I enlightened to the understanding that a distracted state of mind while studying the Fa is due to interference by evil beings. Reading the Fa over and over again is actually rectifying these beings with the Fa.

The above is my personal understanding; please kindly correct me if there's anything improper.

Reciting "Lunyu" When My Mind Is in Turmoil

I'm a new practitioner. Teacher said, "This Fa is just so precious. No matter whether it's the lectures I gave in person or the explanations that you consider very detailed, what I expound on are all things in Zhuan Falun. Everything discussed in Zhuan Falun is, at the same time, encompassed by Lunyu." (Unofficial translation from Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference) Therefore I started to memorize "Lunyu". ("Lunyu" appears as the preface in Falun Dafa books)

Afterwards in my cultivation, whenever my mind became restless or my righteous thoughts faltered while at work or in other environments, I would recite "Lunyu" by heart three times. While reciting, with each word it seemed as if my heart became a bit cleaner. Reciting "Lunyu" three times this way, I have been able to face even the most pressing issues with a calm mind. This is my testimony to Dafa's mighty power.