CCTV Channel 5 (sports) and 6 (movies) broadcast about 2 minutes of a Dafa truth clarifying program, respectively.

A letter to the editor from a reader in Hunan Province said, "Dafa disciples are great! On June 23, CCTV Channel 5 and Channel 6 respectively, broadcast about 2 minutes of a Dafa program."

Under the same satellite frequency, this broadcast should have been received nationwide.

Dorbod Mongolia Autonomous County in Daqing City of Heilongjiang Province receives Dafa truth clarifying program from CCTV

The only autonomous county in Heilongjiang Province, Dorbod Mongolia Autonomous County in Daqing City, received Falun Gong truth clarifying program from CCTV at 7:10 p.m. on June 23, 2002. During that period, the signals from all other channels were cut off except for CCTV's Channel 1. Afterwards, a police officer said, "Falun Gong is really powerful, using a satellite to broadcast a truth clarifying program." On the evening of June 24, the police started massively arresting Dafa practitioners. Currently, the majority of the Dafa practitioners from the autonomous county have been abducted.

CCTV Channel 5 satellite channel broadcast about 2 minutes of Dafa truth clarifying program; some Hong Kong subscribers received the program.

Note: Dafa practitioners from the areas that received the Dafa truth clarifying program were deeply encouraged. Some practitioners who had not stepped forward before started to actively clarify the truth. Hopefully, Dafa practitioners around the world (especially those in Mainland China,) who read this news will keep sending forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate the persecution, and use pure righteous thoughts to create a benevolent environment for clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.