(Clearwidom.net) It's very important to clearly recognize what is required of us during different Fa-rectification periods. There will be specific requirements in each time period during Fa-rectification, and the combination of timing and opportunity is very important as well. For example, earlier it was very important to take advantage of the opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate head demons in other dimensions controlling the bad people. Now, whether we can counteract the negative international influence brought about by the Icelandic government's barring Falun Gong practitioners from entering and the incident involving a blacklist of practitioners, and whether we can clarify the truth more in depth as the third anniversary of July 20th (the day when the Chinese authorities outlawed and began to suppress Falun Gong) approaches, these matters will directly impact whether many people from different countries and of different ethnicities can have a bright future.

It was deeply regrettable that after the Germany trip we were not able to deeply clarify the truth and clear away the bad influence of the mistreatment of Dafa disciples by the German government and police in a timely fashion. We should do better after the trip to Iceland and grasp firmly every fleeting opportunity to participate in Fa-rectification.

July 20th is about to arrive. In the last three years, our Teacher has endured so much that it is beyond the human imagination. Dafa has endured much tribulation, and the many disciples have borne hardships as well. It has been three years, and our Dafa disciples both in and out of China have given a great deal of themselves together, allowing many people of the world to understand the truth and gain a bright future.

However, there are still many people who are waiting for us to clarify the truth to.

How to comprehensively, systematically, and fully "clarify" the truth, rather than just talking - this is something we must focus our attention on.

How can we, starting from each individual, exemplify what it means to be a Dafa disciple with every word and action?

How can we express and display how wonderful Dafa is? (We have been lacking in this regard.)

How do we expose the evil's persecution? (We have done relatively well at this aspect.)

Let's fully utilize our wisdom, make use of our abilities to the maximum extent, and exert the greatest efforts to accomplish these goals. We should clarify the truth in every country, to every segment of society, to those in and outside of China, and to those around us as well as everyone that we meet. Let's inform them of the true situation and clarify the truth of Falun Gong to them, solidly establishing for them a wonderful foundation for their future.

In addition, for Dafa disciples to forge a group of particles without omission, continually supporting and replenishing each other, for the whole body to become indestructible as a whole body is one of the main determining factors of the success of clarifying the truth in the present time period.

In the most recent lectures, Master has brought up several times the issue of how practitioners should handle conflicts. The old forces have mainly targeted the whole body when putting Dafa and Dafa disciples through the big tests. If there are gaps among practitioners, then they are unable to connect with each other. One of the important reasons why Canadian disciples have been able to do some Fa-rectification work so well is because they go about things as one body, without gaps. Whether we can forge a group of particles without gaps, this directly affects whether our field is harmonious and whether more sentient beings can be saved. Immense tolerance and understanding with kindness can enable us to dispel all of the evil's interference on this front.

As long as we earnestly and proactively look within and rectify ourselves, we will be able to quickly form a powerful, whole body that is indestructible, allowing us to illuminate the world with our benevolent field.