(Clearwisdom.net) At about 9 p.m. on February 22, 2002, the local government of Sikou Township dispatched 20-30 police officers to arrest practitioners in Nanhenggou Village. About 5-6 practitioners were found during the search, and the police used violence when the practitioners refused to cooperate with them. Wang Guihao was beaten unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital. Wang Guiwei suffered injuries to the head, and Wang Guihao's wife Yan Yaoqin was tied to a wooden pole in a very painful position. The police eventually dragged the practitioners into a car. The next day, bloodstains were found on the street, drawing indignation from the residents towards what the police had done. The four practitioners who were taken away are: Wang Guiwei, Wang Guihao, Yan Yaoqin and Wang Xinzhu.

On the same night, the police broke into the home of Wang Guichen's mother (Wang's wife had already been sentenced to a labour camp). They ransacked the house, not even sparing a sack of rice. They made a big mess of the house and behaved like common thieves. Their stereo was taken away along with many Dafa materials and books.

The police also broke into Wang Guihai's home. The Wang family's plight has been reported earlier in Clearwisdom.net ( http://clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/4/5/3534.html ). Three out of five in the family have been sentenced to forced labor camps. The eldest daughter Wang Lixuan and her 8 month old son Meng Hao were persecuted to death in Beijing's Tuanhe Labor Camp. The youngest son Wang Shuchao was forced to leave home and travel from place to place to avoid further persecution. Even though the house has been vacant for a long period of time, the police still ransacked it. They broke open the house and searched the place. They took away the only item of value that they could find, a TV set.

The next day, the police went to Wang Guihao and Wang Xinzhu's homes, searched the homes while no one was there, and took away Dafa materials and books. At present, two out of the four practitioners have been sentenced to forced labor camps.

Although Wang Guichen avoided arrest, the officials from the government are not letting him go. They have hired several thugs in the village to search for him every day.

At about 9 p.m. a few days later, the police broke into practitioners Liu Xuejiang and Chen Zhile's homes, turning the house upside down. Two days later, the police forced their way into Liu Xuejiang's home again and arrested him.

The police habitually spring into action in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping, and they climb over residential walls and force open locked doors. Why don't these policemen dare to perform searches openly? Why are they afraid of being seen in broad daylight? Why would they claim that they haven't beaten people when in reality they have? Anyone can see that they are covering up their actions. There have been 10 practitioners sentenced to forced labor camps in such a small town, including 6 from Nanhenggou Village alone.

The list of those who conducted these evil deeds:

Party Secretary of Sikou Town Government: Cui Zhenjun

Government Office: Tel: 86-535-5431003

The Party Committee Office 86-535-5431001

The Party Committee Secretarial Office 86-535-5431068

Township Mayor's Office 86-535-5431848

Political Secretarial Office 86-535-5432006

Chief of Sikou Township Police Department: Wang Ruidian

Deputy Chief: Lin Chunxun

Police Station: Tel 86-535-5431020

"110 department" Wu Changlian: Tel 86-535-5431110

Sikou Township Radio Station Manager: Liu Xiangdong