A. Violence at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province

Under secret orders from the "610 Office," [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp authorities have continuously escalated their persecution against Falun Dafa disciples.

  1. On the afternoon of March 7, in No. 1 team alone, seven Dafa practitioners were hung up by their handcuffed hands and afterwards were sent to solitary cells for confinement. Recently, many other Dafa practitioners, including Li Lizhuang, Luo Jiaoli, Wang Hongbin, Zang Dianguo, Gao Ke, Gong Wenyi, Ma Yongqian, Wang Jiang, etc, were also tortured this way and were not released from solitary confinement even many days later.
  2. The guards viciously tortured Dafa disciples because they refused to give up their practice. Several persons brutally and repeatedly tortured Ma Yongqian. His eyes, face, legs, and chest were swollen for many days. His legs were bleeding. His chest was so painful that he was unable even to sleep for many days. A group of people, including Labor Camp Director Shi, dragged Li Lizhuang into an office where the guards kept torturing him until he passed out. His arms and legs were tied to the legs of different beds so that he had to lie down on the concrete floor with his limbs stretched out, spreadeagle position. In the late afternoon he was dragged back to a solitary cell and shackled to an iron cage. Yun Fuqi suffered one broken rib, while some other Dafa disciples lost their teeth during the torture. Li Liguo, Wang Jiang, Yuan Chengli, Yue Baoqing, Liu Guohui, Guo Shimin, and others, were also severely tortured routinely. Some practitioners questioned the guards why they beat the practitioners. One of the guards viciously claimed, "This is special punishment for Falun Gong. If you are beaten to death, [as my punishment] I would, at the most, be transferred to another unit."
  3. The guards in No. 3 team intentionally put Dafa disciples' belongings [clothes and bedding, etc.] in the [dirty and humid] toilet or washroom, letting the practitioners have them back only after they becamed soaked and filthy. They also forced the practitioners to sleep on the new building's cold and damp tile floor. In the early morning, they dragged the practitioners out of the cells and exposed them to freezing weather.
  4. The guards coerced other inmates to insult the Dafa practitioners and forbid them from speaking, eating, drinking or using the toilet. The guards also incited the inmates to beat and scold the practitioners. The inmates who followed their orders were awarded with reductions in their labor camp terms, whereas those who disobeyed their orders were punished with increases in their terms, deprivation of food or confinement in solitary cells.
  5. The corn gruel [food] given to the practitioners in the prison was usually black (mildewed), spoiled and sour, and oftentimes tainted with mouse feces.
  6. The guards often searched Dafa disciples' bodies for no reason and confiscated any money they found. Food coupons, which were often found during the search, also became their personal property.
  7. The guards forced visiting family members of Dafa practitioners to complete forms that cursed Dafa and Teacher Li, otherwise their visits were not permitted.

B. Hold on to righteous beliefs, resist persecution, and walk out of the den of evil

The labor camp's brutal persecution went beyond the limits of forbearance for the illegally detained Dafa disciples. The practitioners followed Master's instructions, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this, the environment won't be this way." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful") While the Dafa disciples clarified the truth to the inmates and guards, they also resolutely sent righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in other dimensions. In the meantime, some Dafa disciples also held a hunger strike and demanded their immediate release from the labor camp. Zhan Shizhong, Huang Tiebo, Chang Hong, Wang Fengnan, Zhang Tao, and Ma Yongqian were released since their physical conditions deteriorated significantly during the hunger strike. Recently, with the continuous fight to create a righteous environment and eliminate the evil persecution against them, practitioners who have walked out the vicious labor camp and those who are still detained both have gained deeper understanding of Master's teaching, "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstance, the evil is sure to be afraid of him. If every student is able to do this, the evil will of itself no longer exist. All of you are already aware of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)") Master also said, "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces." ("Dafa is Indestructible") This is exactly what we need to do right now.