Amberlyn, Michigan

June 12, 2002

Dear Master Li and Fellow practitioners:

My name is Amberlyn. I am from Michigan. I began to study and practice Falun Dafa about two months ago. I am honored to have this opportunity to share my story with you.

I have been on a spiritual quest all of my life. I was raised as a Christian and remained in that faith until about 30 years ago when I discovered that the ministers were unable to answer my questions. I also could not understand why so many in that religious order were dying of cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses. I left Christianity in search of answers.

My quest took me from New York to California and I searched many spiritual modalities seeking healing and enlightenment. I studied Hinduism in India under several "enlightened masters." After several years, I became disenchanted with Hinduism. My observation of others who had been practicing this form of meditation for many years left me to question my ongoing commitment to it.

After that, I studied under many western "teachers." I studied with one group in Hawaii for several years and then moved on to Australia to embrace another group who claimed to "have the answer(s)."

I was born into a family where my mother practiced Christianity but my father was physically abusive. This environment left me emotionally bankrupt. I was clinically depressed most of my life, had low self-esteem and had many minor physical challenges. In 30 years of searching, nothing had substantially shifted.

Needless to say, I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to no avail. In Zhuan Falun, page 47, Master Li states, "you have been everywhere looking for a Teacher, and spent a fortune yet you have found nothing." When I first read this sentence, I felt as if Master were speaking directly to me.

My dreams throughout my life were never meaningful; I could attach no significance to them in this life. However, I did have two dreams that were very significant and demanded my attention.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1992. I prayed for her, asked God to heal her, and received validation that she would live. She went through surgery and radiation treatments and came out of the ordeal with a positive diagnosis. Some months after her recovery, she appeared to me in a dream and said, "If I get sick again, don't pray for me." Three months later, my mother died in her sleep.

After this incident with my mother, I stopped healing others for four years. I realized I had no idea if people were to live or die and I wondered if I was doing a wrong deed by healing others. In 1996 a friend's mate was placed into a hospice and was told he had only 3 months to live. She called me crying and was very upset. I told her I would take a look and do a healing for him. I lifted him up spiritually and asked God to heal his body. I received a message that he was not going to die. I was told that when he began to want to put on his clothes and get out of bed that was a sign that he was getting better. Very shortly thereafter he began to ask for his robe and would sit in a chair beside the bed. His condition improved rather quickly and eventually he was released from the Hospice Unit and was said to be in remission. The last word that I had indicated that he was still in remission after several years. His illness was healed.

Last year, a friend's 4 year-old son was seriously ill. In the hospital, he was under life support. The doctors gave him little chance to live. My friend called me 2 or 3 times each week crying and saying that the doctors didn't know what to do. I finally consented to work on him. I lifted him up and asked God for a release of his karma and a physical healing. I saw a vision of him walking out of the hospital but he could barely walk. I relayed my vision to her and told her he would come out of the hospital but would be "wobbly". Several weeks later she called me and said, "Amber, it's just like you said, he is out of the hospital but he is wobbly." We have to take him to physical therapy to learn to walk again, but he is coming home!"

In February 2002, a friend referred a person with atrophy of the cerebellum to me. She could barely walk. I consented to work on her and began the process. During this same time I began to work on another person with severe arthritis and with radiating pain from her jaw to her head, eyes, neck and shoulder. Neither of them initially had money to pay me as I had now begun to charge for my healings. Both committed to paying "later." Within about one month of working on both of these clients, I became very ill. One morning I just couldn't get out of bed. I was so weak I could barely move. I knew something was terribly wrong. I began to search out healers for myself and found two people. I began to feel a little bit better.

During this healing process, On April 1 of 2002, I had the second significant dream. A man appeared to me and said, "My name is Falun Gong" and handed me his business card. I had heard of the persecution of Falun Gong through the media but had no interest in checking it out to see what the principles behind it were.

After the dream, I went on the Internet to find out a bit more about it. I was spelling it Falon Gong, and of course could find nothing on the Internet. A couple of weeks later I told a friend about my dream and she told me that a friend of hers had gone to (learn the) Falun Gong exercise(s) and really liked it. She said she would refer me to her friend to get her phone number.

I couldn't wait to hear from her, so I went back on the web to find more information for myself. I ultimately found the correct spelling of Falun and was able to access some of the sites. I immediately went to Borders and purchased Falun Gong, Essentials for Further Advancement and Zhuan Falun. I had almost read all of the books within a week. I then found the practice site and began practicing the exercises. I was also beginning to feel better with the physical illness I had contracted.

What I noticed while reading Zhuan Falun was that I no longer seemed to be depressed and something was pushing me forward daily to complete the books. I literally could not put them down. In the past, I had a rotator cuff injury to my shoulder, so I could barely lift my arm, let alone hold it up for the Falun wheel exercise. Within a few weeks my arm was much better and now six weeks later, I can do the exercises and my arm is about 90% better. The weakness from the physical illness I had contracted is also much better. I realize now, from reading Zhuan Falun and the other books and articles by Master Li that illness is karmic and that I was taking on a bit of each person's karma, thus I felt ill. I now refer those that I would counsel or those in need of support to Zhuan Falun and Master Li's other books. A few weeks ago, a former patient of mine called and offered to make a payment. I told her, "Thanks, but just keep the money."

During a recent meditation, I saw a golden Buddha in the place where I was sitting, it was taller than my house.  Often times I see golden wheels and golden Buddhas all around.  Sometimes I see nothing.

Several weeks ago, as I was leaving the exercise site my attention was drawn to a road sign that said, "left." I could not take my focus off this sign and wondered why I was so drawn to it. I was turning "right" and really had no need to engage the "left" sign. I contemplated it a bit more and the realization came: I had been going "left" all of my life and now I was finally going "right."