For a practitioner, the cultivation voyage is less than "smooth sailing," yet, it is through the hardships that we are able to ascend and finally reach consummation. This poem reflects from the heart my personal journey as a Dafa practitioner.


Walking wayward, stumbling towards
horizons, illumined as the journey

Carrying our fall of lifetimes, aeons and
now to follow the formidable, unburden
myriads of beings assembled upon tides
of boundless expanse.

There I stumble, finding fault with others
first. To lay down the sun for shadows,
veil again my awakening hour. From
behind this residue of nocturnes forging
the course of constellations, restoring all
to shine under eyes and one common heart.

Here and beyond, trembling softly
in the face of immensity and our more
than timely homecoming.

With words wending through moments,
cold compared to compassion and its
brim. Mind slowly transcending the mire,
makings that summon glimpses of the

Worlds from wither transforming, by
traces of light this salvage proceeds,
colour from any cradles of descent.
Wingful, my pledge to arise, yet, still
so far from deepest flight!

Walking, one wayfarer stumbling towards
horizons, illumined as my journey further