Details of Hao Runjuan Being Kidnapped

Hao Runjuan was watching a Dafa video with a fellow practitioner at home in the afternoon on the day she was arrested. Police came and knocked on her door for more than 20 minutes, but Hao Runjuan didn't answer. The police apparently left and the fellow practitioner also left. Hao Runjuan asked her husband to pick up their son and they planned to move out for a period of time. When her husband returned with their son, Hao Runjuan was gone.

How Hao Runjuan Was Tortured

According to conscientious, inside police officers who knew about the truth, Hao Runjuan was illegally arrested on February 25, 2002 and sent to the police station. Three days later she was sent to Baiyun District Detention Center. During her detention period she firmly refused to cooperate with the evil and clarified the truth to the common prisoners in the same cell and the guards there. She called up other Dafa practitioners to join her in a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. She was later transferred and detained in a solitary cell. Hao Runjuan began a hunger strike on the day her detention began, and one week later the police force-fed her, but Hao Runjuan never cooperated.

Because the weather turned cold during the time of detention, Hao Runjuan's family tried to send her clothes, but the police prohibited this. The police obviously knew that Hao Runjuan was wearing thin clothes. They also prohibited visits by family members. The police did not pay any attention even when Hao Runjuan showed symptoms of pneumonia, and did not notify her family about her illness. The police also forbid hospital treatment on parole, which caused Hao Runjuan's health to decline. On March 18, 2002, right after the police force-fed her with a pint of milk, Hao Runjuan said weakly, "I'm going to die," before she passed away.

The police notified Hao Runjuan's husband to deal with the funeral arrangements. Upon seeing his wife's body, because her features had changed from the severe tortures, Hao Runjuan's husband hardly recognize her. Hao Runjuan's husband could not believe that this was his wife and took his 20-month-old son to a maternity test [or DNA test to relate the son and his mother]. When the result showed that the body was indeed that of his wife, he burst into tears in front of everyone. Twenty-two days earlier she was still a healthy person, and now she was dead from torture, and her facial features were completely unrecognizable.

After the tragedy took place, the criminal police became fearful. The prosecutor and police department authorities directly got involved in this case, and they forced Hao Runjuan's husband, her father and sister, who rushed from Zhangjiacou City, to send her body to a hospital for an autopsy, followed by a hasty cremation.

A lively, healthy person was tortured to death in barely 22 days after being kidnapped by police. The people who murdered Dafa practitioner Hao Runjuan will receive due punishment according to the law.