(Clearwisdom.net) Gui Xunhua was a male Dafa practitioner born in 1964 and lived in Xinhe Village, Xiaochi Town, Huangmei County, Hubei Province. He worked as a village accountant. On March 11, 2002, police personnel from Xiaochi Town Police Station and also Jiujiang City Police Department of Jiangxi Province kidnapped Gui Xunhua. During the process of kidnapping, Gui Xunhua refused to cooperate with the evil and refused to get into the police car. Several vicious officers beat him in broad daylight, with people standing around. Gui Xunhua's wife, who is also a practitioner, tried her best to resist the police and was also brutally beaten. The police kidnapped Gui Xunhua and sent him to the Jiujiang City Police Department and illegally interrogated and detained him. Gui Xunhua was tortured to death on June 1, 2002, and his body was taken home. (The full details are not yet known.) Two days later, officials from Jiujiang City Police Department removed his body and cremated him. During the time Gui Xunhua's body was laid out at his home, the vicious police did not allow other practitioners to pay their respects to the body or send condolences. They arranged heavy guards around Gui Xunhua's home and did not permit other practitioners to attend the funeral.

Before Gui Xunhua died, he weighed more than 90 kilogram [about 198.4 lbs]. After the abuse and torture at police's hands, his body was only skin and bones and was in a completely wretched state, and the orifice of his urethra showed injury. There were obvious signs that a tube had been inserted. The injury leaked blood as well an unknown fluid. The guess is that Gui Xunhua died from severe damage to his internal organs.