I am the husband of a Falun Gong practitioner; we are from the Northeastern part of China.

When Jiang's regime started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, my friends in the police department warned me to keep my wife from going to petition for Falun Gong that day. The police department had known for quite some time that there was going to be an extensive operation of some sort. On that day indeed, across the country many practitioners who went to appeal or petition were arrested. Afterwards, the electronic and print media all irresponsibly made up stories to slander Dafa, and I was also misled by the propaganda and forbade my wife to practice. My wife, however, patiently explained the truth to me. She made it clear that Falun Gong absolutely does not get involved in politics, does not forbid people to take medication, and on the contrary, urges those who have illnesses to see a doctor. The state-run China Central Television deliberately omitted half of what Master Li had said regarding the nonoccurrence of a prophesied catastrophe, and then fabricated that Master Li had been predicting a big disaster on earth!

Recently a friend in the police department informed me, "Now murder and arson are being ignored to concentrate entirely on Falun Gong. Luo Gan has given orders to all military personnel and police officers to arrest any Falun Gong practitioner seen handing out flyers without any need for legal process. They may open fire, and any one killed can be recorded as a suicide." I was infuriated at how wicked Jiang was. Because of him, the entire country becomes corrupt, workers are without jobs, farmers are homeless, prostitutes line the streets, and citizens are unable to live peacefully.

Two days ago I watched a truth-clarification CD. I now realize that the "Self-Immolation" incident and "killing by the madman Fu" were all staged by CCTV to frame Falun Gong.

I now understand that Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa, and I also wish to practice Falun Gong. My wife said she'd teach me. But before she did, I saw in my sleep someone was teaching me the meditation exercise in person. I also saw that my house was encircled by a brilliant golden loop of light. It was beautiful. After my mother-in-law finished reading Zhuan Falun, she also saw her house surrounded by an extremely beautiful glittering golden ring of light. What took place in front of my own eyes really amazed me. I now realize that everything taught in Zhuan Falun is the truth. Falun Dafa is so magnificent! No wonder my wife risks her life going out to distribute flyers and clarify the truth.

I don't dare to call myself a Dafa disciple yet, but as an ordinary common citizen I want to earnestly tell the world, "Falun Dafa is magnificent! Master Li is great! Heaven will not tolerate the persecution of Falun Gong!"