(Clearwisdom.Net) On May 14, 2002, police officers from Xianggong Police Precinct in the Huanggu District, Shenyang City broke into practitioner Miao Qisheng's home and forcibly took away Mr. Miao who was newly released from jail. Later they escorted him back. Before long, Mr. Miao Qisheng fell to his death from the third floor of the apartment building (the cause of death is unclear and further investigation is pending). Police at the Xianggong Precinct secretly carried the body away and banned his family and relatives from seeing his corpse. They stonewalled all requests for information and claimed that Miao Qicheng committed suicide. When the family asked for the case record, they replied, "We don't have it." Since Miao Qisheng's house is under Huanghe Police Station's jurisdiction, Xianggong Station's Police went beyond its authority to arrest Mr. Miao and later caused the death. They can't escape from their responsibility.

Miao Qisheng, a 36-year-old, male Falun Gong practitioner since 1994, was responsible for Dafa material in Shenyang City and a coordinator at the Huanggu District practice site. He was illegally sentenced to jail and released in November 2001. Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, he worked at the Shenyang Science Commission's Print Shop and had made great contribution regarding clarifying the truth. After the persecution, he became a prime target for persecution and was repeatedly detained. To avoid harassment, he had to leave his home and go into hiding. In October 1999, Mr. Miao was arrested and detained at the Shenyang Detention Center. In March 2000, Shenyang City Intermediate Court accused him of "disrupting the public order" and secretly sentenced him two years in jail without representation. Mr. Miao was in jail for two and a half years, longer than the sentence decreed.

Facing the Jiang regime's horrendous persecution, Mr. Miao's belief in Dafa was unshaken and he continued cultivating Dafa and clarifying the truth. In March 2001, he wrote several poems in jail and had them published on Clearwisdom Net. This exemplified the great courage of a Dafa practitioner who was not afraid of the evil. In April 2001, Mr. Miao's wife, Zu Liming was also secretly arrested and sentenced to a stay in a Forced Labor Camp because of her strong belief in Dafa. Their relatives now care for their baby son. People familiar with their situation denounced the Jiang's regime for its inhuman evil activities.

Miao's tragic story highlights the Jiang's regime's gross violation of human rights and their evil nature in promoting governmental terrorism. Shenyang City's Huanggu District Xianggong Police Station carry out Jiang's "count torturing to death as suicide." Police kill innocent people at will; they can't cover up their crime by lies.

Serious Questions for Consideration:

1) Practitioners all know that suicide is a sin. How could a determined practitioner kill himself?

2) Miao Qisheng endured much harsher treatment during his detention and he did not commit suicide. Why did he kill himself after being released? Who would believe that?

3) Why did people from the Xianggong Police Station secretly dispose of the body and bar visitation? Why did they block the information and cover it up?

The people will know the truth.

Telephone numbers of key government agencies:

Liaoning Province Police Headquarters: 86-24-8686-3555

Shenyang City Police Headquarters: 86-24-2383-2677

Huanggu District Xianggong Police Station: 86-24-8672-0220

Huanggu District Huanghe Police Station: 86-24-8626-2709