I was invited to introduce the Falun Dafa at the annual meeting of the Indianapolis Chinese Professionals Association on May 18. CEOs of local high tech companies, researchers, college lecturers and professors were included among the over 30 attendees. Many of them were from Taiwan.

The association had encountered a considerable amount of resistance in inviting us, and hoped that we would not mention the Chinese government's oppression of Falun Gong in our speech. In order to let more people understand Dafa and to clarify the true facts, we agreed. In the speech I introduced the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and the five sets of exercises. I also showed the pictures of the glorious scenes of our spreading Dafa. I told them about the benefits that practicing Dafa brings to a person, both physically and mentally. I also told them about the praises and awards governments in different countries, including China, gave us. I told them that because Falun Dafa is so wonderful, I truly felt that I was proud and lucky to be Chinese. However, I also said that I believe Falun Dafa does not belong to Chinese people alone--it belongs to all kindhearted people in the world. Then I showed the 5-minute exercise demonstration video made by Australian practitioners. The audience was fascinated with the graceful movements of the exercises. They raised many questions and showed great interest. In answering their questions, I took the opportunity to tell them why the Chinese government was persecuting Falun Gong, why practitioners went to Zhongnanhai, why we say that Falun Gong is not involved in politics, and why the self-immolation at Tiananmen square was entirely staged in order to harm Falun Gong.

While standing there answering questions, I felt that my heart was filled with benevolence, calmness and selflessness. I found that people's attitudes gradually changed from their initial hostility, suspicion, and confusion into understanding, acceptance, and praise. It truly reflected the sentence: "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." It helped me once again deeply feel the power of the Buddha law's benevolence to dissolve any evil factors.