(Clearwisdom.net) In an attempt to force Dafa practitioners sign the "Four Documents" (to give up Falun Dafa), police at the No. 3 Team of Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp have employed various brutal tortures against the practitioners.

The police officers forced practitioners to stand against the wall and squat on a brick for 3 to 4 hours. Later, practitioners refused to follow the orders and started to practice the Falun Gong exercises. As a punishment, the practitioners were brutally beaten. Female practitioner Xia Fenghong was picked up and dropped hard on the concrete floor. In protest, some practitioners went on a hunger strike. The labor camp guards used a highly concentrated, salty mixture to force-feed the practitioners. Later, the camp officials also arbitrarily extended the practitioners' sentences.

Guard team leader Chen Jie encouraged criminal inmates to wrap practitioners' heads with sheets and beat them. Later, the practitioners' wounds healed, but the inmates began to feel pain all over their bodies. Dafa practitioners demonstrated their great compassion and forbearance. They took care of the inmates instead of hating them. The inmates were moved and many said, "Falun Gong practitioners are indeed good people."

Many practitioners who enjoyed good health became weakened, injured and disabled after this extended persecution. Li Yuying now has trouble walking. She also lost her sight and developed severe heart problems. A lady more than fifty years old was handcuffed to the heater pipes and forced to stand for ten days and nights without sleep. Her hands and feet became very badly swollen. She was not allowed to sleep even after she could not stand any longer and fell to the floor. Practitioner Qin Henglan was forced to stand for six days without sleep. A practitioner from Pingshan County was tortured for eight days without sleep. Her arms had red spots all over from electric shocks. Her face was swollen so badly that she could not see things clearly. She could not even move. All of this did not stop the guards from stabbing her with needles.

Zhang Yunhua was forced to stand for three days without sleep. Zou Shuchun was not allowed to sleep for two days. The guards also beat her for an entire day, causing her to be unable to walk afterwards. Zhang Liya was forced to stand in a half-squatting position for long periods of time. A tall lady named Li was tortured so badly that her legs were swollen and she could not walk. One of her ears was badly injured from the beatings. Although severe torture left Wang Liming in a terrible state, she still tells people, "Falun Dafa is good. Signing the Repentance Letter [to denounce Falun Gong] is wrong."

It is impossible to list all of the atrocities going on in the forced labor camp. We call for all kind-hearted people of the world to help stop the persecution.