(Clearwisdom.net) As the Fa rectification process reaches deeper, we decided to undertake Hongfa and truth clarification activities in 19 cities and provinces across Peru in March 2002.

The basic procedure was: once we arrived in each city we would introduce Dafa to people through media (TV, radio stations and newspapers), then we would demonstrate Dafa exercises in the city's central square and deliver Dafa truth-clarifying materials and Dafa books to the mayor and city government. We also reached TV and radio stations and left them a set of Spanish language videotapes teaching the exercises, Dafa music and books. Through TV and radio stations, we told people that the materials could be freely downloaded from the Internet or they could make copies for themselves from what we had left with the station. The activities lasted for a total of 20 days.

Photo captions

People learning Dafa exercise in Cajamarca

Practitioner showing up at Ica TV's morning news program

Abancay TV11 broadcasting special program on Falun Gong"Pay attention, don't miss anything!" People learning the exercises in AyacuchoRadio station in Cuzco interviewing a practitioner
Tacna TV bringing Falun Dafa to thousands of familiesTacna TV interviewing practitioners in their news programRadio station in Barranca interviewing practitioners


Photo Report Available: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/4/19/21141.html

Practitioners interviewed by TV Stations in Barranca

We left Lima, bound for the first stop of our trip, Barranca, at 8 p.m. on March 16. We arrived at Barranca and made a stop at the local TV Station the following day. During a live interview, we kept sending forth righteous thoughts. We later found out that the program host did not usually work on Sundays but had made an exception for us that day. We gave him a videotape, some Dafa books and truth-clarifying material. He gladly accepted and said he would share the materials with others.

Right after the interview in Barranca, we went to another TV station in a nearby small city. Arriving early, we waited in a park across from the TV station. Meanwhile, we picked up a flyer from another TV station from a young man. With the information, we did not wait and went to the station Radio Satellite immediately. We introduced ourselves, gave an overview of Dafa and distributed Dafa materials to the staff. While we were waiting outside the broadcasting room, we sent forth righteous thoughts. Not long after, the host of a program, with great interest, invited us for a live interview that lasted more than 10 minutes. We understood that it was an opportunity given by Teacher to us to save more people.

At 10 a.m. on the same day, a flag-raising ceremony was held there. After the ceremony, we demonstrated the exercises and many people came to learn. A young woman who lived in the neighborhood of a practice site in Lima said it was the first time she had seen Falun Gong practitioners. She learned the five sets of exercises and stressed that she would go to the practice site to join Dafa practitioners when she got home. Meanwhile, two young staff from the TV station at which we were interviewed earlier hand-delivered a copy of the interview tape to us. They asked many more questions when they saw the peaceful exercises and the eagerly learning crowd, then reluctantly left to continue their duties elsewhere.

A Visit to Chimbote

In the afternoon, we decided to leave for our second stop, Chimbote. Something strange happened. People told us that there was no bus connection between Barranca and Chimbote. We sent forth righteous thoughts and firmly believed that nothing could stop us from going to Chimbote. Before long, we ran across another bus company's office. At 5 p.m., we were all on the bus and on our way to Chimbote.

On the morning of March 18, we arrived at Radio Nova. We introduced Dafa to the program host. He was very interested and said that he would make arrangements to air a program about Dafa at two that afternoon. We left him a set of Dafa videos and books and requested that he mention the materials to the viewers. He agreed. After Radio Nova, we went to a gym, made a presentation of Dafa and demonstrated the exercises. People there warmly welcomed us and showed keen interest. Some of them asked for information about the practice sites. Before we came, La Industria de Chimbote and Diario de Chimbote, two local newspapers, had published articles about Dafa written by the practitioners in Peru to help people in the city to have an understanding of Dafa.

Afterwards, we visited the City Council and presented the mayor with a set of Dafa video and books, which were gladly accepted. The mayor was thankful to us for bringing Dafa to the city. We told him that it is Teacher who has given all of us the precious gift.

Trujillo and Chiclayo

In the afternoon, we left for Trujillo, scheduled as our third stop. When we arrived, we found that the mayor had gone for the day and the program host in the TV Station who had an appointment with us had gone to Lima. We left the TV station, walked for more than an hour to find the City Square, but had no success. We left Trujillo in a hurry, having been unable to share Dafa with anybody.

We arrived at Chiclayo, the capital of Lanbayeque Province, at 2 in the morning of March 19. We did not want to sleep. We shared our thoughts about how we had been slacking off in sending righteous thoughts and how that gave the evil the opportunity to destroy our efforts of spreading the truth in Trujillo. We decided to re-plan our itinerary and go back later to Trujillo so we could make up for what we had not done earlier.

At 8:00 the following morning, we were full of righteous thoughts again. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts, left the hotel and went to Radio Ferrefe where we had an appointment. There, we were shocked to discover that the program host had been beaten by two men the night before and was in the hospital. The person who replaced the program host made us wait for an hour. Meanwhile we learned that before we arrived, the program host made the same announcement to the viewers every day for a couple of days: Falun Gong practitioners will be here soon. Falun Dafa is good. Don't miss the golden opportunity to learn about Falun Gong. Let me ask, "Who is most afraid to hear the voices of Dafa practitioners on the television?" The fact that the program host was viciously beaten by the evil in Peru said a lot about how Jiang and Lou, the heads of the state terrorism, had been struggling for their lives and facing their own end.

After the interview at Radio Ferrefe, we proceeded to the City Council of Chicayo, introduced Dafa to the mayor and gave him a set of Dafa materials. The mayor shared with us the names of the executive officers and addresses of three TV stations in the city. We went to Radio Noda Amigo and Radio Super Sensaci to make appointments for interviews. Then we went back to Radio Ferrefe where we were interviewed live. We answered questions, left the Dafa materials with the program host and shared the information with the viewers. The program host told us excitedly that he was going to a school on the coming Saturday where he would play the Spanish videotape of the exercise demonstration by Teacher to three thousand adults and children. We were touched by his enthusiasm. We were subsequently interviewed live by Radio Noda Amigo and Radio Super Sensaci. We repeatedly gave out information about Dafa websites to the viewers. In the afternoon, we went on to our fifth stop, the city of Piura, the capital of Piura Province, close to the border with Ecuador.

The Mayor of Piura Asks, "Where is my flyer?"

We arrived in Piura at 8.30 p.m. on March 19. On March 20, we were respectively interviewed live by Abogado de Radio and Radio San Francisco. After the interviews, we went to the City Hall. We explained to a secretary why we would like to meet with the Mayor. Meanwhile, we heard someone yelling quite impatiently, "Where is my flyer!" We turned around and saw a person knocking the table and yelling like an excited little child. It was the Mayor! He saw our bright yellow T-shirts when we entered his office and heard our conversation with his secretary, but the materials were with the secretary! He was so eager to get the flyers immediately that he forgot to be courteous. After reading the flyers, the Mayor expressed an interest in setting up a practice site in Piura. We reassured him that there would definitely be one in the future. We also told him that we would leave duplicable Falun Dafa materials for the public at Radio San Francisco. The Mayor was very thankful. After we left the City Hall, we demonstrated the exercises in a beautiful park. We played Dafa music, which attracted many people with numerous questions. After we wrapped up our activities in Piura, we headed for Sullana and Talara, two small cities close to the Ecuadorian border.


Sullana was our sixth stop. We delivered Dafa materials to the Mayor's office right after we arrived in the city, and then did the exercises in a park. Many people saw us, and they asked for flyers. We saw a police car with five to six police chatting at the side. We were nearby, so we went up and gave them our flyers. They were very interested and asked many questions. Some of them took a few copies of the materials, saying that they wanted to share them with their colleagues, family members and friends. After the exercise demonstration, we went to Talara.

Both Sullana and Talara are located close to Peru's border with Ecuador. We arrived in Talara at 8 p.m. on March 21 and went to City Hall to deliver Dafa materials to the Mayor. Radio Latina-Talara and Radio Dennys interviewed us live. After the interviews, we went to the Central Square and put up our banners. Before long, people came up to us and asked questions. Most of them had heard about us on the radio. After they learned the five sets of exercises, we played the music and all of us did the exercises together.

We left to return to for Trujillo, the capital of La Libertad Province.

Trujillo - -Demonstrating The Exercises To Reporters

At 1 a.m. on March 22, we arrived in Trujillo, a city well known for its tourism. Early in the morning, we made for City Hall, introduced Dafa to the Mayor, and left him with a set of Dafa materials with which the public could make copies. The Mayor was quite pleased. Meanwhile, he pointed at someone by his side and told us that Mr. Artuno worked for a radio station. Mr. Artuno listened to our conversation attentively. He read the materials right away and told us that he could introduce Falun Gong to the city on the afternoon program that day. Then he looked at the conference room and told us that all the reporters in Trujillo were having a meeting there. He asked us if we could give an overview of Falun Gong to them as well. We quickly responded, walked into the conference room and introduced ourselves. The reporters welcomed us warmly and asked us to sit among them. We distributed materials to each one of them. That aroused their interest and they asked us to demonstrate the exercises right in the room. After our demonstration, they were very excited and full of praise for our peaceful and graceful movements. We gave a reporter a group practice picture taken in Washington D.C. from our picture album and she said she would publish it in the newspaper. Then she took a picture of all of us together. We said goodbye to them and headed for a park, where we had arranged to demonstrate the exercises again. Many people asked where they could find a practice site. They were full of approval when we told them that duplicable Dafa materials, including videotapes of Teacher teaching the five sets of exercises, were available at City Hall. We left Trujillo, full of gratitude to Teacher, who provided everything for us there.

Cajamarca and Huaral -- the crowd waits with earnest looks

The city of Cajamarca, is the beautiful capital of Peru's mountainous Cajamarca Province. Situated in a mountain, it was our eighth stop. On the morning of March 23, we were interviewed live by Radio San Francisco, and then we headed for the Central Square. By the time we were there, people were already waiting for us. When the music started, more people joined us. With earnest looks in their eyes, they surrounded us and were attentive to every little detail of the exercises. We patiently helped them learn the five sets of exercises, which nicely wrapped up our Hongfa activities in Cajamarca.

It was early morning when we arrived in Huaral, our ninth stop. Knowing that Radio Harmonia would be interviewing us for an afternoon program, we went to the Plaza des Armas, (Central Square) where we demonstrated the exercises. Channel 8 of Radio Harmonia videotaped us on site and broadcast the program at 7 p.m. Afterwards, we headed back to Lima, Peru's largest city.

Spreading the Fa on a plateau of 3,500 meters high (11,500 feet)

We left Lima on the evening of March 25 and set off for Ayacucho, the capital of Ayacucho Province. It is a city populated by multicultural indigenous people and well known for its tourism. Our plan was that after Ayacucho, we would visit Abancay, the capital of Apunac Province; Cuszco, the heart of the origin of Inca civilization, Peru's world-famous tourist destination and the capital of Cuszco Province; and Puno, the capital of Puno Province on the shores of Lake Titicaca (the world's highest navigable lake) on the border of Bolivia.

In Ayacucho, we were interviewed by two local radio stations, Radio Wari and Radio Diffusion Atlantis. When we got to the Plaza des Armas (Central Square), predestined people who had listened to the radio programs were already quietly waiting for us. After they learned the five sets of exercises, they lingered in the park, unwilling to leave. At 7 p.m., RTP, a TV station, interviewed us. After that, we went to Abancay, where we were interviewed by Radio TV Amistad and Radio Laser. In the evening, we were interviewed by Channel 11 of Abancay TV Station. The program host wore a yellow T-shirt with Falun Dafa on the front and Truth-Compassion-Forbearance in both Chinese and English on the back. While he introduced Dafa to his viewers, he showed the videotape of Teacher teaching the exercises. In Cuszco, the program host of Radio Wilcamayu interviewed us. Afterwards, he brought his family and friends to meet us at Fortaleza de Sacsahuaman, the site of a large Incan ruin about 350 meters above Cuzco. On a wide lawn surrounded by massive stone ruins, we taught them and others the five sets of exercises. We then visited Puno on the shores of beautiful Lake Titicaca. Dramatically framed by spectacular ranges of the Andes Mountains to the east and west, the Puno sits on a high plateau 3,500 meters in elevation, which runs from north to south for several hundred miles. In Puno, we were interviewed by Radio Azul and Channel 13, Puno's TV Station. We then demonstrated the exercises in the Central Square.

Experience Sharing with practitioners in Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru

It was 2 a.m. on March 31 when we arrived at our fourteenth stop, Arequipa, the capital of Arequipa Province. In Arequipa, every Sunday morning, local practitioners do the exercises every Sunday in Park Cayma and Park Calacas. On the morning of March 31, we did the exercises together with local practitioners. After that, we had an experience sharing session where the western practitioners from Lima, based on their own experiences, pointed out the importance of studying Fa to the new practitioners. After the session, Radio Melody interviewed us. Then we headed for Parque Selva Alegre, a park jam-packed with thousands of people, where we demonstrated the exercises. Meanwhile, the local practitioners delivered Dafa materials to the Mayor. On the following day, we left for Ilo, a city situated by the sea.

In Ilo, we were interviewed by Radio Altamar, Radio Studio Lider and cable TV station Red Global Ilo. We delivered Dafa materials to the Mayor. After that, we left for Tacna, the capital of Tacna Province, close to the Chilean border.

The day before we arrived in Tacna, a local newspaper, Correo, published an article about Falun Gong and our trip. Meanwhile, practitioners in Lima received many calls of inquiry. In Tacna, we were interviewed by Radio Uno, Radio Maxima and TV Libra Films Producciones. After we delivered the materials to the Mayor, we headed towards Ica, Pisco and Chimcha, the cities in Ica Province where practitioners in Peru conducted their SOS Walk.

Ica TV Station was rewarded

At 2 a.m. on April 4, we arrived in Ica, the destination of the SOS Walk conducted in Peru. In the morning, we were interviewed by Channel 9, the TV station that reported on the SOS Walk. The program host was very excited when he saw us. He told us that since their reporting on the Walk, the channel had enjoyed very good business. In order to let more people know about Dafa, Channel 9 and we decided to send materials to other TV stations, radios and newspapers. At 9 p.m., we were interviewed live by Radio Latino Americana. An interviewer, a Swiss national who spoke Spanish, told us that when he was in Beijing, he saw Dafa banners in Tiananmen Square. He said he truly admired the courage of practitioners but was not sure why the Jiang regime was suppressing Falun Gong. A western practitioner quietly answered his questions. When we said goodbye, the interviewer gave us his best wishes. At 6.30 a.m. the following morning, we were interviewed live by Radio Mego Star and the morning news program of Channel 9, Programa Unitel Al Dia. The videotape of Master teaching the exercises was broadcast to the thousands of viewers in the city. After the interview, we followed the TV crew who had stayed up the whole night in a park. People who had listened to the morning programs of Radio Mego Star and Channel 9 were already waiting for us there to learn the exercises. The TV crew learned the exercises as well.

After we wrapped up our activities in Ica, we set off for Pisco. We delivered the materials to the Mayor and were interviewed by Radio Paracas. Then we headed for Chimcha, the first stop of the SOS Walk in Peru where practitioners were interviewed. Practitioners were interviewed again after they completed the Walk here. We happily visited our friends at Radio Super Satellite and were interviewed by them. Then we went to a park to demonstrate the exercises. While the music played, all eyes were upon us. A young man excitedly told us that his family practices Falun Gong in Canada and that they all said Falun Gong is good. He said he was so glad to see us in the park. The production crew of another TV station that had heard about us came to the park and asked for a Dafa videotape. We told them the videotape and other materials were available at Radio Super Satellite. Around noontime, we concluded our activities in Chimcha and returned to Lima.

We visited 19 cities in Peru during the trip.

Our thoughts about the trip

We have two major thoughts about the trip:

  1. Practitioners have the serious and magnificent responsibility of saving the sentient beings. In order to fulfill our responsibility, we have to have the strongest trust in Dafa and maintain our most righteous thoughts. During the trip, we sent forth righteous thoughts both in the morning and at night. We did it again whenever we felt the needs to do so. Practitioners who stayed at home and those who were outside promoting Dafa sent forth righteous thoughts together to dispel the evils and stop them from interfering with our Hongfa activities. In eliminating the evils, we effectively introduced Dafa to thousands and thousands of households in Peru.
  2. The effective use of colored photos proved to be instrumental in Hongfa activities. We printed the photos on sheets of white cloth and hung them wherever we needed to show them to people. Scenes of worldwide Hongfa activities, the peaceful group practice, the horrific images of practitioners being persecuted in China, and the truth of the persecution were imprinted on the minds of many Mayors and people in Peru, reinforcing the recognized fact that Falun Gong is good and that Jiang is the mastermind of the persecution and a murderer.