April 28, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of August 25, 2001, I was arrested when I was distributing Dafa truth-clarifying flyers. Later, I was sent to the Suncun Sheriff Team under Yuhua District Police Department in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province. A few policemen wanted to take my picture but I firmly refused to cooperate. One policeman jumped up, beat me with his fist, kicked me with his feet, twisted my arm behind my back and pulled my hair. But I closed my eyes. When they saw they couldn't take my picture, they gave up. One policeman (probably the unit chief) interrogated me, but I didn't answer him at all; I just kept telling the truth to them. That evening, I was locked up in a detention room. This was during my menstrual period, but they didn't allow me to use the bathroom. The next morning, a police officer interrogated me again, but I still didn't cooperate. Then two police officers came up and handcuffed me, pulled my hair and slapped my face twice. They told me to kneel down but I refused. One police officer forcibly stomped my legs from the back, and forcibly pressed me down to the floor. I said, "I would rather die than kneel down!" So I then I fell on the floor. One police officer got a wooden stick and one person stepped on my hands while two other people held my legs. They hit my buttocks with the wooden stick, causing it to break into two pieces. After a little while, they found another stick and placed it on my calf, saying, "We will give you a massage." Then the two policemen stepped on the wooden stick, and pressed it back and forth on my leg. This stick also broke. One police officer saw that I still didn't answer, so he took out a needle and pushed it under my fingernail. He then used a lighter to heat up the needle.

I was not afraid, but I thought in my heart that I shouldn't accept the tribulations the old forces imposed on us. I silently recited the Fa-rectification formula. I really didn't feel the pain. The policemen felt tired after beating me, so they locked me up in the detention room again. In the afternoon, two police officers switched turns. One of them was called Gao Wensheng. He once again brutally beat me. He pushed needles into my fingernails, stepped on my face and calf with his boots, ruthlessly hit my back with his boots, pulled my hair, slapped my ears and face, shoved the inside of his boot in my mouth forcing me to smell the stench, and used other brutal methods. They detained me there for five days. My two legs were beaten black and blue. I refused to eat and drink to protest their persecution towards Dafa practitioners. Five days later, I was sent to Hebei Province, Luancheng County Detention Center and illegally detained. Another practitioner and I persisted in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises there.

Four months later, after I protested their persecution against me with a hunger strike, I was transferred to No. 2 Detention Center at Shijiazhuang City. Because I didn't cooperate with the persecution, I was forcibly carried into the supervision room. Once I arrived at the supervision room, I was brutally beaten up by the criminal prisoners and was handcuffed on a so-called "safety-chair." I had to depend on the help of another practitioner, Wang Yunman, to wash my face, brush my teeth, and relieve myself.

Dafa practitioners had no freedom there; we were not allowed to practice the exercises. Whenever we practiced the exercises, we would receive a brutal beating. Dafa practitioner Bai Yuzhi was handcuffed on the "safety-chair" for nine days. Our bodies and faces were covered with bruises. The guards didn't allow Dafa practitioners to talk to each other. Once we reported to the detention center director about the situation of the criminal prisoners casually beating and cursing Dafa practitioners. As a result, cell leader Song Yang instigated prisoners Sa Shuhong, Liu Qiuzhen and others to brutally beat Wang Yunman, a northeastern Dafa practitioner, Zhao Hongying and me. They threw our blankets to the floor and did not allow us to go to sleep. Because several Dafa practitioners went on hunger strike to protest the persecution against us, we were often brutally beaten. Once, I refused to be force-fed, and was beaten and kicked by four or five prisoners, including Ren Jing, Jia Ruitao and Gai Jiling. After they pressed me down and finished the force-feeding, they brutally beat me and my blood ran down from my nose. Some kind people could not bear to see this, and they stepped forward to stop it. As a result, they also received a beating and cursing from the prisoners. The prison doctor and police officer Zhang Haiyan (female) who were in charge of force-feeding were on the scene but none of them stopped them. The force-feeding tube was very thick, and the insertion of the tube was also very cruel. I was beaten and cursed by prison doctors Liu and Jia many times. Once, Bai Yuzhi and I were called to the infirmary. Doctor Jia asked us to give up the hunger strike but we refused. Jia then slapped Bai Yuzhi's face twice. At that time, Bai Yuzhi had already been on hunger strike for more than two months, and she fainted right away. After she was forcibly acupunctured, she was carried back to the supervision room. I was also forcibly acupunctured. Now Bai Yuzhi has been on hunger strike for four months, and Wang Yunman and another practitioner has also been on hunger strike for two months, and it's still going on. The police still refuse to release them. I was illegally detained beyond my term for seven months. After having been on hunger strike for three months, I became very weak and couldn't get up from bed so I was sent to a hospital for a transfusion. That evening, with Master's giving me the strength, I walked out of the hospital. After having experienced seven and a half months of illegal persecution, I returned back into the Fa-rectification. This is Dafa's great power and virtue, Master's mercy.

We were fortunate to be able to read Master's "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A." in the detention center, which further strengthened our hearts and made our faith in Dafa as solid as a rock. The disciples utilized all their time to share views, recite the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts together, and encourage each other. At the same time, the disciples also used every chance to promote the Fa and clarify the truth to prisoners who had kind hearts. There were kind people who obtained the Fa in the detention center.

Through this experience, I became more firm. As long as our hearts firmly believe in Dafa and firmly believe in Master, we can become a diamond-solid unified body and as hard as a giant rock. Then there is nothing we cannot do, and no test that we cannot pass. The evil is nothing.