March 21, 2002


There was a story told from Buddha Sakyamuni's cultivation. One day, Sakyamuni was meditating under the Bodhi tree. The light emitted from his body penetrated all the way to the demon's palace. The demon was angered, and sent three beautiful she-devils to lure the prince (Sakyamuni). The prince used his supernormal powers to let the she-devils see through their own bodies and the dirtiness inside. The she-devils were defeated.

When Teacher Li was teaching the Fa, there was a snake spirit that came to disturb the dissemination of the Fa. In Zhuan Falun, Teacher wrote:

"Because he always committed bad deeds and interfered with my teaching of Dafa, I then eliminated him completely. After he was eliminated, his fellow sisters and brothers all wanted to take action. At that point, I said a few words. They were all shocked and became so scared that none of them dared to do anything. They also came to understand what was going on." (Chapter 5, Zhuan Falun)

In my current level, I realized that Teacher eliminated the snake in order to let the people know the truth, distinguish right from wrong, and expose the evil to the light of day. Exposing the evil is, at the same time, suffocating the evil and bringing salvation to the sentient beings.

Not long after I got out of prison, the "610 Office" tried to force my wife to attend a brainwashing class. She refused to cooperate, and left home the same day. On the following day, agents from the work unit, police station and "610 Office" came and threatened us, and said that they would arrest somebody. At that time, many neighbors and people who passed by stood and watched. My parents and I patiently talked to the agents. My parents said, "Our daughter in-law is loved by everyone in her work unit. She is responsible and takes all kinds of hardship from work without complaints. She is not attached to personal gains. At home, she respects the elders and loves the children. She does the household chores. She never fights with people and is kind to others. The friends and neighbors all say she is honest and kind. My son is the same. After practicing Falun Gong they got rid of all their bad habits and stopped doing bad deeds. They never do things that harm others to benefit themselves. They never participate in arguments that concern power or self-interests. They always work honestly and know how to live their lives. They steadfastly cultivate their own xinxing (mind nature), and raise their virtue. Is this "evil" by your standard? And is this the excuse to send them to a brainwashing class? In fact, of the people like you, my spouse and I, and many people from society, who is actually more virtuous or more kind than they are? We all have our moral standards and we know right from wrong, and they are kind people. You are trying to arrest the good people as if they are bad. You don't distinguish right from wrong, or kindness from evil. Today I will risk our lives to tell you the truth. You people are going too far." The elder's logical speech was well received by the onlookers. The evil agents knew that they lacked reasoning, so they said that the higher authorities arranged it. After a few days of unreasonable harassment, they stopped coming. Fortunately, my wife did not have to go to the brainwashing class, and justice had defeated evil.

After this incident, we deeply experienced the importance of clarifying the truth, exposing the evil and not cooperating with the evil. People have the ability to understand what is going on and make decisions. We firmly believe that when more people learn the truth of Dafa, the evil that persecutes Dafa and practitioners will have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and will be eliminated on its own.

I hope practitioners can compassionately point out any mistakes in my understanding.