Mingbao: Storm with Gale-Force Winds Results in 8 Dead and 46 Injured in Hubei Province

Mingbao reported on April 18 that a thunderstorm with gale-force winds swept from north to south in Hubei Province and has already caused 8 deaths and 46 injured. According to news from Wuhan Morning Newspaper, since the day before yesterday, 7 to 8 gale-force windstorms and rainstorms that appeared in about 27 counties and cities have resulted in severe damage of farmlands, houses, traffic and electric power equipment in many regions of Hubei Province.

World Daily News: Sandstorm Attacks North China and Northeast China Again

World Daily News reported based on Xinhua Agency's news from Beijing on April 16 that, according to the weather forecast released at 6 o'clock this afternoon by CCTV Weather Channel, from tonight (4/16/2002) to tomorrow, there would be a 5 to 7 gale-force northerly windstorms and some regions would see sandstorms.

Recently windy and dusty weather frequently appeared in the northern China. Sandstorms took place in the eastern portions of northwestern China, most areas of northern China, and west of Huanghe River as well as Huaihe River. It was widely accepted that the weather was abnormal. Experts from CCTV weather channel stated that the dusty, windy weather in the northern parts of China in spring has been a seasonal phenomenon. In the past two days, due to the effect of the northerly wind, the temperature would go down in a few regions. They thought all these weather conditions are normal and it usually gets warmer steadily after May.

According to CCTV weather reports, from tonight to tomorrow, there would be rain mixed with snow in northeastern regions of Inner Mongolia, most regions of northeastern China, and rain or thunder showers in east of Sichuan Province, Chongqing, north of Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province, most areas of southern China, south of Yangtze River, the area around Huaihe River and most areas of Hubei Province. A part of the area of the southern Yangzi River and north of southern China would see heavy rain or thunderstorms.

From tomorrow (4/17/2002) to the day after tomorrow, there would be light rain or snow in the central northern area of northeastern China and the southeast region of Qinghai Province, rain in the east region of Yunnan Province, the south region of Guizhou province, most areas of south of Yangzi River, and most areas of southern China. The east region of Inner Mongolia and most areas of northeastern China would see 4 to 6 gale-force northerly windstorms.