April 28th, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) A Falun Gong practitioner named Mr. Liu often clarifies the truth to his colleagues, and they all like to listen. Whenever there is a TV program slandering Dafa, his colleagues would ask Liu about it the next day. The day after the murder case of Fu Yibin was shown on TV, Liu's coworkers asked him about it. Before Liu could answer, Mr. Yang stood up and said, "I can explain this case, it's unnecessary for Liu to do it. The killer obviously has a mental disorder. Why do they relate everything with Falun Gong? When have we ever seen Liu curse and kill people? Moreover, when we look at Liu, we know clearly that Falun Gong practitioners are good people."

There were several people who stubbornly refused to believe that Dafa is good. Liu then gave them the truth-clarifying VCD. After watching it, they changed their opinion. Instead of slandering Dafa, they began promoting it.

Mr. Liu strictly requires himself to be a good person everywhere and all times. Once the workshop caught fire. Dozens of employees' motorcycles were inside. If the fire reached them, the gasoline in their tanks would explode. Most of the people stood safely back from the fire. Liu rushed into the burning building without a word. Mr. Li followed him. Together they extinguished the fire. Li said to Liu later, "The reason that I entered is because my motorcycle is inside, but I know you didn't have anything, not even a bicycle in there. Now I truly realize that Falun Gong practitioners are good people." Liu's actions deeply moved everyone at the factory. Mr. Liu's child is only five years old but quite remarkable. Liu asked this son to read Zhuan Falun once, but his son instead asked to read a book "with many pictures of Teacher." Liu then gave him the book Hong Yin and he then became very happy. Liu liked to read Zhuan Falun with his son. Liu wanted to read Lun Yu first, but his son first wanted to see Teacher. Liu then turned to the page with Teacher's image. His son said, "Greetings Teacher!" When Liu was about to turn to the next page, his son said, "Dad, you haven't greeted Teacher yet!" Then he asked to see the Falun and explained to his father with gestures how Falun spins.