Look Upon Everything from the Perspective of a Cultivator

Since we are cultivating ourselves in everyday society, the appearance of the situations that we are encountering are similar to what other people are encountering. If we cannot treat these things from the perspective of a cultivator and according to the Fa, we will get bogged down in the day to day issues of everyday people.

Among everyday people, the method for solving a problem is to seek answers and solve the problem from the surface of things, just like the way patients are treated in a hospital or by qigong healers treating the symptoms not the root of the problem. However, we practitioners should not fall into the conventional thinking of everyday people. Teacher has transmitted a very high Fa to everyone with profound principles that enable us to reveal the primary root causes of all problems. When treating a disease, if the primary cause of the disease has not been removed, the disease cannot be cured; even though some type of improvement might occur, the disease can come back later. In our lengthy cultivation, many problems have not yet been solved because we fail to view the Fa from the perspective of the Fa itself. If we treat this persecution as one of those among everyday people, it will be very hard for us to rise above this persecution.

Pay the Greatest Attention to the Entire Situation

The course of Fa-rectification requires us to coordinate our activities on a larger scale. Whether an individual practitioner cultivates himself well depends on the extent to which he assimilates himself with the principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance;" whether the whole is truly strong depends on the extent to which this whole assimilates itself with the principles "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." Though the evil ruling circle has a strong manifestation in superficial spaces, it is only a matter of time before it is eradicated.

It is normal that among practitioners there are contradictions, which provide practitioners with many factors to lift their xinxing. Don't pour negative energy into this whole, due to the contradictions. When a practitioner complains of others or the whole, he may have poured negative energy into this whole and in this way we may have wasted our energy inside our practitioners instead of using it to eliminate the evil forces. Raising a question with good will in order to solve a corresponding problem is one way we can contribute active energy to solve the problem.

Furthermore, whenever we treat deficiencies within a whole or district as something unrelated to ourselves and take a problem in our cultivation for a responsibility of the Falun Dafa Research Society, the Falun Gong Assistant Center or other disciples, we have then already been unable to realize the problem in our cultivation from the perspective of the Fa itself and have begun looking externally.

While all of us can understand quite clearly the requirements of Fa-rectification for every particle in ourselves, Fa-rectification has certain requirements for us as a whole as well. Unable to recognize the situation of the whole, an individual practitioner though can make good progress in his personal cultivation, he may fail to satisfy the requirement of the whole, even cause contradictions between requirements of the individual and the whole, which may in turn cause disharmony within the whole. Any obstacle to the whole is indeed an obstacle to any individual practitioner's cultivation: if a problem in a larger scope and higher level has not been solved, an individual practitioner, no matter how much effort he may make, cannot reach consummation.