• The secretary at a college in a certain city is responsible for monitoring practitioners in the local area. Realizing the miraculous effect of practicing Dafa, he secretly started practicing at home. When sensitive dates arrived, he would "confiscate" all Dafa books and materials to his home. He would then return them to Dafa practitioners when these sensitive days had passed.
  • A practitioner asked the head of the police, "Do you know that the Tiananmen self-immolation incident was staged? Do all the people working in the security office know this?" He replied, "Yes, we all know."
  • My boss told me, "The Public Security Bureau wants to arrest you. I will teach them a lesson if they continue to give you a hard time." I said, "We need to be kind to all people. They are also deceived sentient beings and are already very miserable." My boss understood, "I see. That's very good."