(Clearwisdom.net) I went to Beijing for Fa-rectification again on July 15, 2000. However, I was arrested at the train station and was sent to a labor camp. In September, I was sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The following is what I've seen in Masanjia and how deceitful the personnel there are.

It was said that some foreign reporters would interview with the Female Second Camp on March 16, 2001 and that they would videotape. The labor camp started to prepare for it several days in advance. They would set up the meeting room and drilled the squad. After breakfast on that day, March 16, the labor camp police forced us to move our bedding out to "air in the sun." Except those who did the drill, they drove the rest of us, altogether more than 60 people, away in a van to the juvenile's yard saying that they were going to play us a movie. In the morning they let us walk freely in the yard, and in the afternoon they played a fuzzy movie on the wall, which was not clear enough to watch. They didn't take us back until 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

The people that stayed in the drill told us that they were exhausted. Many reporters came and videotaped them for a long time and from many angles. Among them there were Chinese reporters who even told them to dance, do tug-of-war, and play cards and chess after the drill. It was an absolute lie. If everything were fair and humane, why would they tell us to move all the bedding out and hide people? Why would they remove the name cards on the beds, take down the Small Red Flag Column (the Column has everyone's names on it) and let the foreign reporters see only 1/3 of the captives? Thus it can be seen that, in everything they do, they fear being exposed.

The labor camp doesn't allow practitioners who firmly cultivate Dafa to sleep. There was a college student Wang Xueli in the first squad. She was called away by the police in the evening, but was crippled when she returned at midnight. It was said that she was beaten to disability, but the evil police didn't allow her to tell anyone, threatening to prolong her term if she did. They brainwashed her all day long, forcing her to study those materials for "re-education." There was a teacher Sun Sujie in the first squad, who was in her 50s. She was forced to squat while holding both hands up high all day long. Sometimes the collaborators [former practitioners who went astray due to torture and brainwashing] even beat her. The Squad Leader Fang used electric batons to beat Wang Dong, a 28-year-old practitioner from Liaoyang, Liaoning Province

Above is what I have witnessed in Masanjia

February 25, 2002