(Clearwisdom.net) I am from Henan Province. In June 2001 I started traveling on the path of cultivation. The following are some of my cultivation experiences.

Before I obtained the Fa, I was diagnosed with some very severe and incurable brain diseases. When I heard this dreadful news I nearly fell apart. My sickness and the few thousand Yuan in medical bills had created burdens for my family, and my guilt worsened my condition. I couldn't eat or walk; I was paralyzed and waiting on my deathbed. With tears in their eyes, my family prepared the clothes for my departure. But in my heart I couldn't bear the thought of giving up my two young children. Who would take care of them? It is impossible to describe the feeling of knowing one is about to die yet helpless to do anything about it.

Shortly thereafter, my landlord introduced Falun Dafa to me. The odd thing is, I had always felt drowsy whenever I read, but that never happened to me when I was reading Zhuan Falun. So I continued reading until I finished it. The landlord later also taught me the exercise movements. Half a month later, a miracle happened: I could fall asleep, whereas before I had severe insomnia. I was also able to start eating and drinking again. I was gradually getting healthier. By then, I was convinced and I thought to myself, "This practice is miraculous! Someone who was 'sentenced to death' by the hospital is now recovering!" I just had to keep it up. So I practiced and read the book everyday. It wasn't long before my Tianmu (Celestial Eye) was opened, and I could then see some real manifestations in other dimensions. It was just as Teacher had described in Zhuan Falun. This strengthened my confidence in the cultivation practice. One day, I suddenly had a terrible headache. It felt as though my head were going to explode, and later it became numb. I enlightened that this was Teacher cleaning out my brain, and so I tolerated the pain. Before long it was cured. Starting in September 2001, I underwent huge karma-elimination. My body was in extreme pain, but I resolutely practiced the exercises. One day I saw a person descend from the sky and tap me on my shoulders and my back. At this point the pain instantly went away. By early 2002, my symptoms had completely disappeared without taking any form of medication.

I exclaimed to myself: Falun Dafa is indeed great! The Teacher is great! He pulled me away from death and gave me a new life. I simply cannot describe my gratitude toward Teacher with human words. I can only repay Him by cultivating and improving steadfastly. Those who defame Dafa--who are they to be so arrogant? Am I not a living example that validates Dafa? Isn't my experience a validation of "Dafa as a correct and true science, rather than preaching or idealism?"(from "Validation" Essentials For Further Advances ) And there are many other people who have undergone similar experiences. This is why even three years of persecution couldn't break the practitioners' faith, and the practitioners have instead become more steadfast and more mature.

Because I obtained the Fa late, I was in a state of personal cultivation in the beginning. I couldn't understand why people went to Beijing, gave out flyers and clarified the truth. Fellow practitioners told me, "We are practitioners during the Fa-rectification period; this is different from personal cultivation in the past. It's time for us to go out and clarify the truth and bring salvation to the sentient beings." Later, through Fa-study and Teacher's hints, I realized that there are a lot of people waiting for me to save them.

Now, I steadfastly clarify the truth at all times. I give out and post over a hundred truth-clarifying materials every day. Since I obtained the Fa late, I think I should double my efforts so that I can follow the process of Teacher's Fa-rectification. Sometimes I was easy on myself and didn't go out to clarify the truth for two days. Teacher's compassionate hints always encourage me to cultivate steadfastly. In everyday life the Teacher is very strict with me. Whenever I made trivial mistakes, He would make me "stumble" so I would learn my lesson.

Sometimes Teacher would reveal images that I am able to see at my current level. I saw with my Tianmu that the Gods in the heavens were looking down. Some would become happy when they saw their children doing well, and some would weep when they saw their children not doing so well. I also saw a place in the heavens where the names of those who had reached Consummation and those who cultivate extremely well were written. But the names are changing every day. Some names were written; some names that had been written were later erased. I realized that I have to continue on until the end. One day, after I finished meditating, I saw Teacher through my Tianmu. Teacher personally peeled some food for us and said, "Eat! How would one understand the relationship between Teacher and disciples? It is like the relationship between parents and children. You are like my children."

These are my experiences from less than a year of cultivation, written to share with others.

(Note: Because this practitioner has limited education, this article was recorded orally)