Granny Luo is 83 years old. Years ago, she attended Falun Gong lectures conducted by Master Li himself. After Jiang's regime started the brutal persecution against Dafa practitioners, Granny Luo, like other practitioners, put her personal safety aside and devoted herself to Fa-rectification activities.

The following are several stories told by Granny Luo:

I often take walks outside. People would stop and comment on my good health. They would say I walked with a lot of strength, as if I were a young person. I would clarify the truth about Dafa to them. I told them that I wasn't this healthy before and that I had suffered from nine diseases. After practicing Falun Gong, all those chronic diseases were cured. People would listen with smiles on their faces. I told them that I am 83. They were surprised to see how healthy and strong I am. Once when I was clarifying the truth, an old man stared at me with a crude look. I said to him with a smile, "Don't look at me like that. You are a good person; otherwise you would not have had the chance to listen to me here." He left without a word.

Whenever I got a hold of some Dafa material, I would carry it to the police station and the neighborhood office. I would drop it in bicycle baskets, hallways, on windows or whatever place I could put it. I knew many people in these places were involved in the persecution of Dafa directly and they were deceived badly and thus were in the most dangerous situation. They are the ones who needed to be rescued the most. Once, I walked into the police station and saw a person on the phone. He asked me, "What are you doing?" I backed out without saying anything. I waited on the other side of the street for a while. Figuring that he should have left, I went back in again and saw him again. He knocked on the window, probably sending a warning to me: why are you here again? I left in a hurry. I was not afraid of them, but I thought that I should pay attention to safety and not be careless.

Once, I walked over five kilometers to post Dafa flyers on poles and walls along the way. I saw an unattended tricycle and left a flyer on the seat. When a young man returned, he picked up the flyer and started to read carefully. He continued reading even after he started to pedal. I felt the joy from the bottom of my heart. Hope had been brought to another life.

One day in early March, I carried a lot of Dafa materials and posted them on the streets. A woman saw me. She did not understand Dafa and said some negative comments. She said, "You are so old. You should have stayed home. Why are you doing a bad thing like this?" I clarified the truth to her with much patience. I told her how Jiang and his followers fabricated lies about Dafa. I also told her how Master Li saved people with compassion, and how my health condition changed after practicing Falun Gong. Finally, she was convinced and said that Falun Gong is good and indicated that she will practice Dafa in the future.

The next day, I went out posting Dafa materials and discovered that someone was following me. I decided to stop posting. I also pulled the materials out of my bag and hid them under my coat. On my way home, a police car stopped by me and several policemen jumped out and asked, "You practice Falun Gong, don't you? Get into the car." I replied, "Yes, I practice indeed. But I haven't done anything against the law-- why should I get in a police car?" Two policemen grabbed my arms and said, "You have to get in the car." I refused to cooperate and started to clarify the truth to the bystanders. It was strange that four policemen failed to drag me, a little old lady, into the car. The standoff lasted about 40 minutes until my daughter arrived. She held my arm and said, "Mom, let's go home." Without any evidence, the police had to let me go. After we got home, tears came to my eyes while eating dinner. I thought, "Master must have been protecting me." Even four policemen could not arrest me after a 40-minute standoff. My daughter said, "Thank God you didn't get in that car. You would be in trouble if you did. You have to be very careful in the future. Don't let the bad people catch you again. What if they beat you up?" My daughter is very supportive. She said that she was too busy now, but she will practice when she is retired. I don't want to force her. I am brave and have no fear. But I will be careful in the future. I won't give the evil a chance.