(Clearwisdom.net) Zhou Qidong, a former Member of the Party Standing Committee and Secretary of Party Political and Legislative Committee of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, was charged with murder, bribery and corruption. He has been detained under the order of Anhui Provincial Prosecutor. On January 22, 2002, Bengbu City Prosecutor formally prosecuted Zhou in the Intermediate People's Court of the City.

Since July 20, 1999 when the nationwide persecution against Falun Gong started, Zhou Qidong followed Jiang Zemin closely and became the "vanguard" for the persecution. Since then, he has mobilized police forces extensively and conducted registration and checking 8 times aimed at Dafa practitioners. The persecution against Dafa practitioners in Wuhu City was of a very broad range and deep impact. Meanwhile, with Zhou's instigation, the Party Political and Legislation Committee of Wuhu City held photo exhibitions around the piers to slander Dafa, and they published long articles in local newspapers to attack Dafa and Teacher with fabricated lies.

Here are some facts about Dafa practitioners in Wuhu City being persecuted by Zhou Qiong and other ruffians:

  1. A Falun Dafa teaching assistant, Yu Guiying, was illegally sentenced to one year in jail for sharing experiences with fellow practitioners and passing around Teacher's articles.
  2. Currently there are at least two people in detention center, one was arrested for handing out truth-clarifying flyers and the other one was arrested simply because the police suspected that he had handed out truth-clarifying materials. They are yet to be released.
  3. Several people were discharged from their jobs and fined between 3000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan. (An average Chinese worker's wage is about 500 Yuan per month.)
  4. Practitioners were forced to go to brainwashing classes. Several practitioners refused to go and refused to give up practicing Falun Gong. A practitioner with last name Zhang refused to cooperate in the brainwashing classes and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and was thus illegally detained for a month.
  5. Some practitioners were arrested at home with no reasons other than they were Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners were illegally searched, monitored, followed and had their telephones tapped.
  6. At 12:00am of January 18, 2001, police from every substation broke into the homes of Dafa practitioners who insisted on practicing Falun Gong and forcibly took them away, calling it a "nationwide action". Some practitioners refused to open the doors and the police just broke them.
  7. Dong Hong, a practitioner from Hefei, went to Beijing to appeal in January 2001. Her family had not heard from her since then. Recently, they learned that she was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp for a year and a half and was now detained in Xianan Labor Camp in Tiantanghe Town of Daxian County, Beijing City.
  8. Wuhu City illegally sentenced four Dafa practitioners Chen Xiangqun, Liao Weimin, Yuan Yongge and Jiang Zhenzhen to prison for four years, three and a half years and three years, respectively. The so-called charge was for "Distributing and posting Dafa truth materials".
  9. At 4am, August 8, 2001, Wuhu City mobilized two hundred policemen wearing bulletproof vests and arrested twenty Dafa practitioners.

Zhou Qidong's crime had been posted on Latest News from China on Clearwisdom.net on July 13, 2001. However, he continued to do wrong deeds, following Jiang's group to persecute Dafa. Eventually, his evil behaviour was met with evil.