Two Cases Of Retribution For Officials Who Persecuted Dafa

A female village head in the Dalian City area followed Jiang's corrupt group to actively persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. She also asked her daughter-in-law to confiscate Dafa materials. Now the village head has caught a serious illness and has been hospitalized, costing her 4,000 Yuan [Approximately 8 month salary of an average urban worker] in hospital bills per week. Her daughter-in-law gave birth by Caesarian section, yet two months have passed and the incision still hasn't healed, causing her great pain.

A director of a Security and Defense Team in a village in Dalian City often tailed Dafa practitioners, monitored their activities, tore down Dafa posters and destroyed Dafa banners. Recently his wife had to undergo a great deal of surgery that cost at least one million Yuan.

Dafa Saves A Person From Danger After Reading Zhuan Falun For Only One Day

One day a practitioner introduced the practice of Falun Dafa to a person who didn't know what Falun Dafa was. This person loved the book so much that he began to read it as soon as he laid his eyes on it.

The next morning he went to express his gratitude to the practitioner. He told the practitioner that on the previous morning he had looked up at a window on the roof when suddenly the glass from the window broke and the pieces of glass shot towards his eyes. He thought that he would lose his eyes, but when he touched them he found out that everything was fine and he couldn't feel any pain. He understood that it was Dafa that had saved him from this danger; otherwise he could now be blind.