Falun Dafa practitioners at the Anhui Institute of Architecture have been persecuted one by one since the end of 2000. Practitioner Yu Jun, a senior in architecture material science department who enrolled in the institute in 1996, was illegally sentenced to 4 years in prison. In March 2002, another practitioner and student at the Institute, Liu Gang, was illegally sentenced to 7 years in prison. Wu Xiaohua, an associate Professor at the Institute, is suffering torture at the Hefei City Mental Hospital.

Liu Gang is an Architecture Engineering student who enrolled in 1997. He went to Beijing in July 2000 to appeal for Falun Dafa. For this he was detained for 15 days in Hefei City police stations, and then sent to a brainwashing class. Liu upheld his beliefs in spite of the brainwashing class, which lasted until the end of August. Despite the close watch of the security section chief, Liu Gang was able to escape in January 2001. He was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution, and the Institute dismissed him for missing classes and tests. Liu was arrested in April 2001. He refused to give up his beliefs and has been detained ever since. The court sentenced him to 7 years in prison, the longest illegal term in Hefei City so far for Falun Dafa practitioners. Falun Dafa disciple Zheng Quan was also sentenced a 7-year term..

Mei Yang, admitted in 1998 to the Technology and Economics Department at the institute, is being held at the Hefei City Detention Center, where Anhui Institute of Architecture graduate Zhan Fanping, was also detained in February 2000. In April 2000, Zhan was illegally sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. Zhang Jin, another architecture student who graduated in 1994 from the Institute, was forced into homelessness. Zhan was arrested in August 2000 and remains illegally detained at the Hefei City Detention Center.

Associate Professor Wu Xiaohua's situation is very serious at the Hefei City Mental Hospital. The hospital would like to release her on the condition that her family members provide a written "guarantee." However, her family is under severe pressure and hesitant to sign her out. Kindhearted people are asked to call the Institute, persuade the administrators to release her, and explain to her mother and other family members that the mental hospital is being used to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

We hope the international media will condemn the illegal acts of Hefei City Police No.1 division (the "610 Office," an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems), as well as the Institute's aid to the corrupt authorities. Please help these innocent Falun Dafa practitioners.