Starting on the evening of Friday, April 19th, 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners in the New England area gathered in a Boston practitioner's home for 60 hours, sending forth righteous thought on the hour, eliminating the demons that are controlling the head of the evil. In between each period of sending forth righteous thoughts, we studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and shared experiences. This was very effective, and the practitioners concluded:

  1. We are in a very special historical period. Sending forth righteous thoughts in a group to eliminate the evil has great historical significance. At this critical moment of Fa-rectification, we realized that every Dafa disciple in every region is responsible for cleaning out his time-space, and we all have the responsibility to eliminate the evil during the Fa-rectification.
  2. Practitioners all felt that the energy field of our sending forth righteous thoughts was pure and powerful. When practitioners gathered together, we could inspire each other, remind each other, and deter interference more easily. We can achieve more in a group. It was such a good opportunity for us to ascend as a whole body through Fa-study, exercise, and xinxing improvement.
  3. Practitioners enlightened to that we should keep a very firm righteous thought in our mind, reminding ourselves that we are Fa-rectification disciples, we can and certainly will eliminate the evil. This is also righteous belief and righteous thought towards Dafa.
  4. Although there is no embassy or consulate in the New England area, sending forth righteous thoughts in a group is still very effective.
  5. We sent forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes each time. The energy field was quite powerful, and we felt like one powerful entity.

We realized that we should grasp this important historical moment, fully realize Fa-rectification disciples' responsibilities, and send forth the purest strongest righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that control the head of the evil.