• Once, a primary school Mandarin Teacher was vilifying Dafa in class, the teacher then fell on the podium. On the third day the teacher was even taken to the hospital for a transfusion. Thereafter the teacher never dared to vilify Dafa again.

  • Xu Wentao from Xiongyue Town, Yingkou City, in Liaoning Province specializes in spying on Dafa practitioners, and notifying the authorities about the truth clarification activities performed by Dafa practitioners. On the February 7th of this year, he reported to the police station. On the way back he had a car accident and died immediately. It is a heavenly law that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will meet evil. Xu Wentao's death was a result of his evil deeds and this incident has awakened many people.

  • Employee Zhang Qijun from the Hydroelectric Factory in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province burnt his mother-in-law's Falun Dafa materials in 2000. On the Chinese New Year's day this year, his home caught fire and his mother, wife and child were severely burned Everything at home including 10,000 Yuan cash was burned in the fire. However, the fire only burned his home and did not touch his neighbours houses on either side.

  • Jiamusi police Mu Zhenjuan harassed and deceived Falun Gong practitioners. She is now very ill. She can't sleep, but couldn't see anything outwardly wrong. Later a tumor was found on her liver.
  • Just punishments in Inner Mongolia Province warn the people. Genhe City Public Security Bureau Trial Department head Ruan Wenzhang and officer Zhang Kaihua became so ill that they could not attend work. Genhe City Deerbuer Forest Industry vice head Chang Xinglin had a car accident. His ribs were fractured, his wife injured, but the other 3 people in the car were perfectly fine. Derbuer area police station master was suspended for extortion. A person that received Dafa truth clarification flyers said that he would bring anyone he caught handing out fliers to the police station. Two days later, he fell. His bones were fractured and he was hospitalised.