Master Li says in "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.," "Let me tell you, all those who remain and that can persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples are due to our students themselves. Students who haven't taken sending forth the righteous thoughts seriously: the evil in the dimensions that you are supposed to shoulder and be responsible for has not been eliminated. That's the cause." At present, the evil is starting a new round of vicious persecution. Many practitioners have been arrested and many places providing truth-clarifying materials have been destroyed,. The evil old forces still insist on their evil arrangements for Dafa practitioners and the people of the world. As Dafa disciples, we "can no longer allow sins" ("Towards Consummation"). Master Li has bestowed upon us the sacred duty of Fa-rectification and has given us the weapon to eliminate the evil, i.e., the Fa-rectification formula. We should be responsible for all the righteous factors and try our best to eradicate all evil that damages Dafa and Dafa practitioners with diamond-like, unbreakable Fa-capability, encompassing all and leaving out none.

The old evil forces control those warped beings -- "tiredness," "laziness," "imagination," "time," etc., as well as the notions and thought karma that form in our minds after so many lifetimes. In order to survive, they cause us to doze off and let our attention wander when we study the Fa. They cause us to be in a non-peaceful and even tired state when we send forth the righteous thoughts. When we clarify the truth, they let us "imagine" what we will encounter and how we should deal with it. They also make arrangements for the families, relatives, friends, bosses and colleagues around us. Some of them come to support Dafa, some come to interfere and some come to oppose and do damage. In lower level dimensions, they incite many filthy things to control everyday people with bad thoughts to "ruin their (practitioners) reputation, destroy them financially and eliminate them physically." They use all kinds of extreme means including arrest, beating, re-education, forced-labor, brainwashing, dismissal, monitoring, etc. They lead us to enjoy the leisures of life, to be self-satisfied with the current reality, and to wait for and rely upon changes in external factors. Their fundamental purpose is to destroy Dafa practitioners' cultivation and eliminate all sentient beings. They usually hide in the substances that we are attached to and strengthen and enlarge our attachments so as to create space for their existence.

Master Li tells us, "So you must take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. No matter whether you think you have the ability or not, you should do it. What you eliminate from your own mind are ones, which have an effect within the expanse of your own body; at the same time, you need to eliminate the external ones, which are directly related to the dimensions you're in. If you don't eliminate them, then they not only persecute you and restrain you, but also persecute other students, other Dafa disciples. As you know, the persecution that Dafa disciples in Mainland China suffer is quite severe, so each student has to truly, clearly realize what his responsibility is, and when he sends forth the righteous thoughts he has to be able to truly calm his mind and truly produce the effect of righteous thoughts. So this is something extremely critical, extremely important. Then if every student is able to do that, I can tell you, with five minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts together, the evil in the Three Realms will never exist again--that's how important this is."("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.")

My personal understanding is that attaching enough importance to sending forth righteous thoughts can speed up the elimination of the bad thoughts, karma, and bad notions or external interference and will help us study the Fa with a peaceful mind and assimilate into the Fa. And after we study the Fa with a peaceful mind, our righteous thoughts will be stronger. Attaching enough importance to sending forth righteous thoughts will be helpful when we clarify the truth because our righteous thoughts can clean up many factors that prevent the people in the world from knowing the truth. Attaching enough importance to sending forth righteous thoughts can eliminate the old evil forces' arrangements on different levels and help Dafa practitioners detained in detention centers, labor camps and brainwashing classes, etc., to strengthen their righteous thoughts and release them from persecution. Attaching enough importance to sending forth righteous thoughts could stop those people who enlighten along an evil path from assisting the evil to do bad things. Attaching enough importance to sending forth righteous thoughts could let all those that are destined to receive immediate retribution receive retribution so as to warn the people in the world. Of course, in Fa-rectification cultivation, Dafa practitioners should know when we should use righteous thoughts to eliminate evil and when we should look inside for our own attachments.

I suggest that if conditions allow, fellow practitioners send forth righteous thoughts together at 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. (Beijing time) sharp every day to, "eliminate the evil that persecutes and interferes with Dafa, and persecutes Dafa disciples, and is to eliminate all factors that persecute the Fa"("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A."). At other times, while we are walking, riding on a bus or have spare time, according to the deviated notions, external interference that appear in our minds or specific units where evils gather, as well as the evil leader and his followers, we could eliminate these evil beings that damage Dafa and manipulate people and let those evil people in this dimension receive immediate retribution.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out to me if there is anything inappropriate.