1. Zhang Peng, who is a lawyer born in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, started to practice Falun Gong in 1999. In October 1999, Zhang was illegally arrested during his appeal for Falun Gong in Beijing. He was detained in Hengyang City Baishazhou Detention Center (also a drug abstention center). Afterwards, he was released for half a month before he was arrested again. This pattern continued for three times. While he was in detention, the officials at the center instigated drug addicts to physically torture Zhang Peng. Moreover, Zhang was fired from Nanhua University (former Zhongnan Technology).

In January 2000, when his family bailed him out of the drug abstention center, he had no occupation, no source of income, and he was also full of wounds and injuries. Thereafter, he was forced to be homeless in order to avoid further persecution. In February 2001, he was arrested in Changsha City (the capital city of Hunan Province). After his arrest, Zhou Zhuowen and Zhong Zhihua (both from the Political Security Division of Hengyang City Police Department) led a group of thugs to torture, threaten and make false charges against him.

From the time of his first arrest, Zhang Peng has been detained in Hengyang Police Department Service Center, Hengyang First Detention Center, Changsha City Provincial Police Bureau Detention Center and Hengyang Second Detention Center. On November 2, 2001, Zhang and two fellow practitioners, Ding Shikun and Li Xuexian, were tried in Yanfeng Area Court. In the court, they righteously told the judges, "We are innocent. The so-called 'evidence' is falsely planted by police officers while they tortured, persecuted and threatened us. They are excuses used to persecute Falun Dafa. Cultivation is not wrong and telling people the truth about the persecution is no crime. Restore our reputations!" The nine-day so-called "judgment report" forcefully sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment. Ding Shikun received 9 years and Li Xuexian, 7 years.

To further appeal, they refused to sign the judgment. They also lodged another appeal to the Hengyang City Intermediate Court, exposing the evil people and calling for the entire society's attention and support. On the 24th of December, the Hengyang City Intermediate People's Court restarted the trial. Although the court initially said that the trial would be open to the public, it was not. On the day of the trial, police vehicles from the court took the three practitioners to the court via the side streets, avoiding the court's front gate. Furthermore, they conducted the trial in a basement room. In the court, the three practitioners faced the judges with compassion; at the same time they displayed righteousness and dignity. They exposed the evilness and absurdities of the "judgment report" one by one. They pointed out that the "facts" stated in the report were falsely made; that the "evidence" was cooked up under torture, deceit and threat and it was illegal; that the "applicable law" is completely wrong. In order to investigate the truth of the case, they requested that the witnesses and police officers mentioned in the "judgment report" be summoned to the court and that the officers and employees, as well as detainees in the detention centers where they were held and subjected to torture, be summoned to the court. They also requested that the court investigate their wounds and injuries. They solemnly stated the following, "The truth is not afraid of examination and debate. The facts are transparent and can be made open. Good and evil can be identified by people who have morality and kind thoughts. We hope that all the reports about us can be accurately and openly made available to the society."


2. Li Xuexian was born in April of 1976 in Jiaohe County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. He became a Party member in June 1996. In the same year, he was employed by a Chinese-Japanese Joint Venture corporation and was recognized as the "96 Xiangtan City Excellent Technical School Student." In April 2000 he was illegally detained for appealing in Beijing. He was jailed in the Changsha Changqiao Detention Center; he was released on the 28th of April. The company put him on a one-year probation and forcibly sent him back to his hometown. Moreover, the company also took away his right to attend the college entrance examination. When Li returned to his hometown, he worked casually in the construction zone in order to survive. He mainly did heavy labor like carrying heavy bricks etc. Because Li clarified the truth of Falun Gong to his boss and co-workers in the construction zone, he received much support and sympathy. On July 9, 2000, the Jiaohe County Internal Security officers came to the workers' camp and illegally searched and took away Li's Falun Dafa books. Because Li insisted on getting the books back, he was jailed for 25 days, was fired, and his Party membership was illegally voided. On August 5, 2000, Shi Gao and others from Jingwanzi Police Station in Changsha City used threats and deceit to remove Li's registered permanent residence (RPR: in China, every citizen has to have a RPR in a certain city; people without RPR are considered illegal citizen) in Changsha. Li lost his RPR and was forced to wander around. In the same month, Li went back to Changsha in order to make a living.

In February 2001, Li was kidnapped by the Political Security Division of Hengyang City Police Department. The evil police officers Zhou Zhuowen, Long Bo and some other people persecuted Li with torture devices. They threatened him and charged him with false crimes. During the torture, he passed out twice. There are still two deep wounds on his hands. He had been illegally detained in various places, such as the Hengyang County Detention Center, Hunan Detention Center in Changsha. Meanwhile, he was viciously punished and beaten at will. On April 26, 2001, he was transferred to Hengyang 2nd Detention Center where he remains today. On November 2, 2001, he was taken to the court for no reason. In the court, he provided verbal and written statements clarifying that we practitioners are being persecuted. He also put in charges against villainous people such as Zhou Zhuowen and Long Bo. On the 9th, he was forcefully sentenced to 7 years in prison. The appeal is in process at this time.

3. Ding Shikun, female, was born in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province and her name was listed among the most famous Chinese people. She started to practice Falun Dafa in November 1995.

After July 22, 1999, when Jiang officially declared the vicious crackdown on Falun Gong, Ding Shikun was supervised day and night, and her telephone was also monitored. The telephones of her relatives, including her parents and sisters, were also monitored. Between November1999, and February 2000, she was illegally arrested for spreading Dafa materials, and on going to Beijing to appeal. In March, she was released on bail. Three months later she was forcefully put into prison after authorities learned that she had been the coordinating person of the Xiangtan practice site since 1996. During this detention period, she appealed to the City Police Department about her illegal arrest, and was released after the appeal.

From July 1999 to June 2000, the City Police Department, its subsidiary division, and the Public Security Office, broke into her home 8 times, and she could not live in peace. In order to avoid being abused and arrested again, she left home. After she left home for more than ten days (between the end of July and the beginning of August), the City Police Department sent out an arrest warrant to cover up their illegal intentions. Therefore she stayed away from her home to avoid further persecution. On February 3, 2001, she was arrested at the city of Changsha and sent to Henyang the next day. During the transit, both of her eyes were covered and her hands were handcuffed behind her back for 7 hours. Arriving at 2 o'clock in the morning on February 5, she was detained at Henyang Detention Center. The same day, Zhou Zhewen, Zhong Zhihua, etc., from the City Party Department, brutally tortured her using single handcuff, special double handcuff, handcuff behind the back, against the hand-back handcuff ... etc. They used all possible tools to torture the practitioners. The "special double handcuff," involved both the practitioners' hands being hung up, with the toes of the feet just contacting the ground. The entire body's weight was applied at the toe of the foot, and the practitioner was not allowed to go to the rest room, which caused a urinary disorder. The "against the hand-back handcuff," also known as the "so called hand back sword," locks the handcuffs at the elbow, with the back of the elbows against each other, and in between they force a long and round stick, or rod. Attached to the top of stick, there is a big drawer. Zhou Zhuowen forcefully rotates and shakes the stick or rod; the practitioners' hands will be squeezed and twisted in great pain. The "in-line handcuff" method involves handcuffing both hands in a line, and pulling the hands away from each other, sometimes for up to 6 hours. Zhou Zhewen also used a leather boot to kick her upper leg more than 10 times to force her to kneel down. Because she refused to kneel down, her hands were handcuffed in the "against the hand-back handcuff method" (mentioned earlier) and Zhou Zhuowen used a 1 m. long rod that was 5cm. in diameter to strike her waist, hip, thighs, and legs. Her whole body was covered with bruises. It was a terrifying sight. Her left hand and right leg were swollen and numb. Her left hand was paralyzed for almost a month. Her body was bleeding and she was covered with bruises. She almost became handicapped. She could not take care of herself for more than two months. She could not take a shower, wash her hair and clothes, or take off and put on clothes by herself, and she needed help to use the rest room. Even more, Zhou Zhuowen used a long cloth and wrapped it around her neck 2 times, almost suffocating her. Her face was hit by Zhou Zhuowen, Zhong Zhihua, Long Bo, and another unknown 25 year-old young man, until it became twisted and un-recognizable. Her left eye was bleeding, and her right ear that was hit by Zhong Zhihua was ringing all day long. One time after being hung up by Zhou Zhuowen and Zhong Zhihua, she fainted. Four people carried her into the prison cell. After she woke up, she found her under-clothes were all soaking wet and felt chilly cold. Another time Zhou Zhuowen forcefully and brutally pulled her to a male prison cell and slandered her in a very bad manner. She used all her strength to grasp the jail bar and to resist his brutal treatment, and finally Zhou Zhuowen gave up. Because of the brutal tortures inflicted by Zhou Zhuowen, the pupils of her eyes were enlarged, her whole body was very weak, and she could not even speak a word. Zhou became afraid that she was going to die; therefore he used another way to torture her. Right now, the tendons of her leg, arm, and ankle are crippled and convulsing all the time. In order to force her to give up her practice, those evil prison guards used leather boots to kick her thigh and leg. Wearing leather shoes, they forcefully stepped on her toes and ground them with their feet while slandering her viciously.

Using all of this brutality and torture in the detention center, they still could not force her to give up her cultivation. That's because she firmly believes in assimilating to the highest universe's characteristic --Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. After being caught, she was detained in the following locations: Changsha Yuhuating Police Station, Hengyang Detention Center, Changsha Dongjingpu Police Station, Hunan Province Public Security Bureau Reception Center, Hengyang Public Security Bureau room 207, Hengnan Detention Center, Hunan Province Public Security Detention Center, Hengnan Detention Center again, Hengyang Second Detention Center. Wherever she goes, her cultivation stories have touched the hearts of the people, and they greatly admire her unshakable righteous mind.

On November 2, Zhang Peng, Li Xuexian and Ding Shikun were placed on a court show trial, but it was actually a secret trial. The practitioners used their compassionate and kind hearts to tell the entire court that the government's accusations against Dafa are an extreme injustice and entirely untrue, and cannot be accepted. The truth is, Falun Dafa is the universe's Fa. Falun Dafa practitioners practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, making them noble and kind-hearted people. There is nothing wrong with cultivating oneself to become a good and kind person.

On November 9, Yanfeng District Court in Hengyang City sentenced her to 9 years in jail. For this kind of injustice and torture, she appealed to the highest court. On the seventh of December, the City Police Department and the "6-10 Office" said that they would help her to get justice. But actually this was another trap. Video and audio recordings are being used for fabricating lies. Their purpose is obviously to slander Dafa further.

At this present moment in history, Dafa practitioners are enduring enormous injustice and tortures, and they have used their blood and tears to call for justice. We hope that all kind-hearted people can come to further understand Dafa, and can distinguish right and wrong and learn the true story about Falun Dafa.