The Power of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Lately, my two-year old son often cries when we are sending forth righteous thoughts. I thought that perhaps he was experiencing the same disturbance that I had experienced myself. For me, the disturbance had soon passed after I was able to let go of it and not allow it to annoy me. Later on, I watched my son's behavior while sending forth righteous thoughts. He was looking off at something and appeared to be frightened. I told my husband, "He cries when we send forth righteous thoughts. Why does he keep quiet when we practice the exercises? It might be that the old forces have contrived something frightening to scare him and to thereby disturb us. We should eliminate it by sending forth righteous thoughts!" When we sent forth righteous thoughts again, my son cried at the beginning but quickly became quiet. When we finished, he said that, "When Mum starts sending forth righteous thoughts, the monsters run away." The next time, I focused my righteous thoughts in the area where my son was looking for ten minutes. When finished, my son was clapping his hands and told my husband, "When Mum starts sending forth righteous thoughts and raises her hand, the demons are dissolved." After that, my son did not cry anymore when we sent forth righteous thoughts.

Leaving the "Monster's Den" with Powerful Righteous Thoughts

Chunlan, a female Falun Dafa practitioner, has been telling the truth of Dafa to people, hanging banners, delivering Dafa flyers etc.

Police from Santang police station once arrested her while she was waiting for fellow practitioners. Police at Santang tortured her with the "Sword in the Back" (The practitioner's hands are tied behind her back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. The police then apply a great deal of force to pull the two hands toward one another and handcuff the two hands together.) method in the Bugu police station. The police chief said, "I'm going to go prepare the paperwork to send her to a forced labor camp. You three keep your eye on her." Chunlan thought that she should keep on working for Dafa, that she should not accept the arrangements of old forces, and that the police should open the handcuffs and release her. So the police really did open her handcuffs. Chunlan then realized that she should immediately leave. So she tried the door and it swung open easily. Seeing that no one was paying any attention, she kept walking to the exit. She opened the door and rejoined the powerful current of Fa-rectification.

Teacher's Compassion Enlightens Some Young People

A couple that recently attained Dafa have no large pictures of Teacher Li. One day, one of their sons came home with a camera and said, "I have several extra rolls of film, let's take a photo of your Teacher. You can have it enlarged and hang it on wall." Then he started taking Teacher Li's photo from the portrait in Zhuan Falun.

The couple said Teacher Li's picture cannot be taken casually and that their son's film would be exposed as all white, but their son didn't believe them. Days later, the film was developed. The part of the film where he had taken Teacher Li's photo did not turn out -- no image was displayed. The son still didn't believe his parents. He said that it was a technical problem and bought another roll to take Teacher Li's photo again. He said, "This time, if it still doesn't work, I'll believe it and learn Falun Gong myself." Days later, when this roll was developed and he brought it home, without being asked by his parents, he said, "It's miraculous. I believe it now. I believe it now!" The truth is he took two photos of Teacher Li this time. Both were overexposed with no image showing. This led him to support his parents in their practice of Dafa. He also helps to deliver Dafa materials and gladly climbs trees to hang Dafa banners. His three brothers and sisters have also learned to be very kind to Dafa practitioners. They say that they will read Dafa materials and Teacher Li's articles.

This is an example of Teacher Li's great compassion. This one event saved four young people.