(Clearwisdom.net) The first day of the first lunar month was "Falun Dafa Day" in Jilin Province. There were two six-meter giant scrolls that were made for celebrating Dafa day, hanging on a tall building at the town center. A wicked police officer threw a small banner that read, "Falun Dafa is Good" to the ground. A young Dafa practitioner who was sending forth righteous thoughts in the crowd at the time went out and calmly hung the banner back on the tree again.

Mingming often went out with his mother to clarify the truth. During the days when his mother was being monitored by the police, Mingming brought the Dafa materials back and forth. At one time, Mingming carried more than 400 leaflets, 50 CDs, and 50 cassette tapes of truth clarifying materials, and walked down seven floors to bring the truth-clarification materials home. After he arrived home, Mingming told his mother, "I am doing the most important thing in the universe!"

Xiao Song, who was 13 years old, told his classmates the truth about the persecution. All his classmates liked him. When people visited his family, Xiao Song told the truth to the visitors. He spoke to the visitors so that they would know the truth of Falun Gong, which would benefit them in the future. When he saw someone taking down a Dafa scroll, he said with good intentions, "Please do not take down this scroll. Falun Dafa practitioners hang the scrolls in order to save everyday people. Aren't you doing bad things when you remove it? Good is met with good, and evil deeds will be met with evil returns!"