(Clearwisdom.net) I often read articles about supernormal abilities written by fellow practitioners, but I'm not able to hear or see things from other dimensions. Recently however, I've had a small interesting experience, which I've written down and will now share with fellow practitioners.

Before, when I felt that I was in a good state of cultivation practice and went out to attend group practice or Hong Fa activities, there would always a large group of birds chirping on the little trees beside the road. At such a sight, my happiness would be beyond words. I would think, "Even little birds are singing for me, one who has obtained Dafa is the happiest person in the world."

One day I went to attend a group Fa-study. When I walked by those little trees, a group of birds flew over, cheerfully chirping as before. Immediately, an even larger group of birds flew over. In total, more than a hundred little birds were singing together. At that moment, I stopped and stood there looking at them. I thought in my heart: Birds, you are so pitiful, when Dafa is spread in the world, you don't even have the human body. If I will be able to achieve the consummation, I'll come to save you and bring you to my paradise to be my sentient beings. Suddenly, hundreds of birds stopped chirping, and it became instantly quiet. The birds seemed to be able to communicate with my thoughts and knew what I was thinking. It was quiet in the street, and it seemed to be a world in another dimension. Although it only last for a few seconds, my eyes held tears. I quickly left there. When I turned over to look at the birds, they were motionlessly watching me leave.

Regardless of whether my thought at that moment was right or wrong, it let me realize that every thought of a practitioner is so important.