March 2, 2002


In January 2002, police started another round of persecution against Dafa disciples in division 7 of the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. On January 17, the police ordered Dafa disciples to stay out of the beds on the 3rd floor, sending them to the 1st floor where it was dark, wet and cold. Although the 2nd floor was much better and has sunlight, it was just left there empty for display. It didn't matter that many Dafa practitioners had scabies, they were forced to keep sitting on the wooden benches and not allowed to send forth righteous thoughts or do the exercises. Whenever practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, all the police would come up to swear and curse at them, in addition to beating them hard with wooden batons. Some practitioners' hands and faces were hurt and became swollen.

In the evening of January 28, when Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, officers Tian Xiaoyun and Wang Min, who were once awarded with "the third degree honor" for persecuting Dafa practitioners at division 12 of Wanjia Labor Camp, came to beat them. They dragged Sun Guifang from the bed down to the floor, and then into the office. In addition to beating Sun, Tian and Wang also kicked her hard with their heavy leather boots. After Sun stood up, she was slapped in the face many times, followed by forced standing for over an hour. When Sun came back, she was beaten so hard that her face was swollen, her shoulders were severely hurt, and she had bruises all over her body. When this beating took place, division director Wu Jinying came. Instead of stopping this, Wu asked the criminals to come and beat up Dafa practitioners as soon as they began to send forth righteous thoughts again.

On the morning of January 28, criminal Fu Lina pushed Dafa practitioner Jiang Rongzhen down onto the bed several times. Fu then covered Jiang's face with a quilt, and suffocated her nose and neck so that Jiang could hardly breathe. Fu kept that up until other Dafa practitioners stopped her. Then, Jiang had tears all over her face and was gasping for air. Seeing that Jiang had been beaten, another practitioner stood up and sternly pointed out it was wrong to do that. Fu then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down to the floor and wanted to beat her. At that time, division director Qi was also there. Without the support and instigation of the directors Wu and Qi, criminals in the labor camp, who are supposed to be rehabilitated by re-education there, would not dare to persecute Dafa practitioners like that. It was not the first time that Fu beat Dafa practitioners. The division director was also there when Dafa practitioner Zhang Jun was beaten.

On the next morning, after Wu came, she went to scold Jiang and forced her to interrogation. Thus, the criminal who persecuted Dafa practitioners was free from reprimand, while the practitioner needed to be interrogated after being beaten!

With the support from higher officers, guards Wang Min, Li Hong, Li Xiuhua and Zhang Hong, et. al, were very active in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Wang Min, Li Hong and Li Xiuhua swore and cursed at Dafa practitioners many times. Wang Min beat Zhong Xiaoyan four times, including dragging Zhong out and beating Zhong individually twice. Once Zhong was dragged to a storage room on the first floor, and four criminals took turns beating her. They even attempted to send her to a hospital for further persecution.

Meng Xianzhi is a 54-year-old practitioner. On January 28, several officers came and kicked her down to the floor and then took turns beating her after finding her sending forth righteous thoughts. Zhong wanted to stop them, but was grabbed by Wang Min by the hair, who then followed up with a brutal beating.

On the morning of January 29, officer Wang Min threw a stool at Dafa disciple Zhu Chunrong when Zhu was sending forth righteous thoughts. Zhu was not prepared, and was knocked unconscious when half of her face was hit. Several teeth were loosened at that time; also her lips and gums were hurt and bleeding. Zhu's lower jaw turned blue and swollen, and she was thus unable to eat. The officers spread the word that "We have had a meeting. For those who do not follow us, we will simply beat them, plus we have torture instruments such as police batons, handcuffs, and ropes." Even before that, officers had beaten Dafa disciples with batons, and all these violent events took place after director Wu Jinying held the meeting of all police officers. On the morning of January 29, Wang Min severely beat the two practitioners who sent forth righteous thoughts. After seeing the brutal beating, Zhong Xiaoyan asked Wang Min to go downstairs together, but Wang Min lied and refused. With righteous thoughts, Zhong questioned Wang. Wang then forcibly dragged Zhong to her office, where officers Zhang Hong, Li Hong, and Wang Min took turns beating Zhong. Zhang Hong even kicked Zhong in the face.

It is hard to accept this, since severe and fatal events had already taken place in this division earlier on June 19, 2001. Also, on January 18, 2002, the director and doctors of Wanjia Labor Camp Hospital brutally beat Dafa disciples who were being forced to receive medical treatment. Five Dafa practitioners almost lost their lives in this beating. Such torturing and killing cannot continue any more. We hereby appeal to all kind people the whole world over to help rescue Dafa practitioners illegally detained at Wanjia Labor Camp.