(Clearwisdon.net) Liu Qiusheng, a 45-year-old male, was beaten to death by local police on February 2, 2002. He was a resident of Qindongwa Village, Cuimiao Town, Fucheng County, Hebei Province.

Liu Qiusheng had gone to Beijing several times since July 20, 1999, to appeal to the government, calling for the restoration of Dafa's reputation. Because of his speaking the truth, he was detained, fined, and tortured with brutal corporal punishments. He was forced to become a refugee, unable to return to his home.

On January 31, 2002, with the approach of the Chinese New Year, he missed his mother and youngest son so much that he decided to run the risk and return home. On the afternoon of February 2, however, policemen from the Cuimiao Town police substation raided his home and illegally abducted Liu and his mother. They also seized Dafa books, an audiocassette player, and a motorcycle.

That same day at the Cuimiao Town police substation, policemen tied Liu Qiusheng to a chair and beat him for two hours until he lost consciousness. His mother could hear from outside that Liu did not respond when police called his name.

Without checking to see if he was dead or alive, the police transported Liu Qiusheng to the Public Security Bureau of Fucheng County. A couple days later, Liu's mother was released.

On the morning of February 23, an accountant from Qindongwa Village led police officers in a search for Liu Dong, the elder son of Liu Qiusheng, who was found working in a neighboring village. They claimed that his father was seriously ill and asked Liu Dong to come and see him in the hospital. Liu Dong went to the hospital but was at first ignored, while the Police officers chatted about the corruption in Jiang Zemin's regime. Eventually, Liu Dong was told that his father Liu Qiusheng had died of a disease and an autopsy had to be performed. They asked Liu Dong to witness the procedure. Liu Dong asked them to inform his mother instead since he was still underage. His request went unheeded, and the procedure was carried out.

During the autopsy, Liu Dong could see that his father's chest was black and blue with bruises and his back was full of clotted blood spots. When the skull was opened, Liu Dong saw the brain was damaged and fluid had accumulated. After the autopsy, the legal medical expert immediately removed the entrails and the brain and left the body unattended.

Only at this moment did Liu Quisheng's wife learn the news of her husband's death. She went to the hospital immediately. She saw that Liu Quisheng's right ear, the right side of his face, and his chest were all purple and black.

Liu Quisheng's wife asked the head of the Public Security Bureau of Fucheng County for the details of her husband's death. The officer replied that at 6 pm on the evening of February 22, Liu Qiusheng was suddenly taken ill and was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, which failed. Liu's wife questioned why they waited so long to inform his family members of his death. The officer, in an attempt to evade responsibility, said it was because Liu Qiusheng's family didn't have a phone. When Liu's wife then asked why her under-aged son had been forced to be the witness for the autopsy instead of herself, the officer replied rudely, "We can do the autopsy even without the presence of a family member." When Liu's wife asked who was the first to discover that Liu Qiusheng was ill, who participated in the emergency treatment, and who was the legal medical expert, she was told, "There is no need for family members to learn that."

At 5 pm on the afternoon of February 25, the local police forcibly removed the body to be cremated in spite of the family members' reasonable request that the unanswered questions surrounding Liu Quisheng's death first be resolved.

March 6, 2002