(Clearwisdom.net) I have personally experienced the brutal persecution at the Wanjia Labor Camp. I was one of the female Dafa practitioners who were illegally detained in the 12th Team at the Wanjia Labor Camp. Since last March, the police have intensified the persecution of practitioners via brainwashing classes--especially for those determined Dafa practitioners who have been persecuted very inhumanely.

It was between the end of March and April last year when the police detained ten practitioners in a narrow, black room. There was only enough space for four bunk beds and a narrow aisle to walk in. The police confined us the whole day and they didn't allow us to go outside. We had to eat and relieve ourselves in that room. Everyday the camp would ask someone to deliver the meals to us. We could only empty our chamber pot once in the morning and once in the evening. Because the washroom was very far away, it was very hard to carry a full chamber pot there. The pot was also quite old and slippery; sometimes it fell from our hands. Moreover, the pot's lid didn't cover tightly, so it had to be covered with hard iron. Over 10 practitioners stayed in that black house with such an awful smell. The whole room had only one bowl-sized vent--one we made.

Every Saturday we took turns washing clothes. A dozen basins of water were put everywhere on the ground and under the bed. After that, all of our clothes were hung up on the bed poles; water was splashed everywhere and the ground and air became wet. However, the police didn't allow us to open the door. When the days became hotter and hotter, our lives became harder and harder. They didn't permit us to go outside to have meals or relive ourselves until we staged a hunger strike on May 1st. After that, we were also allowed to dry our clothes outside. We seemed to have come out of an isolated world where we were cut off from all contact with the outside.

After twenty days, the wicked police transferred all of the practitioners on the 12th Team to the male team. There, they persecuted us more viciously. At the beginning, all the Dafa practitioners were all hung up. Some fainted. Later on, they forced us to sit on iron chairs. Some practitioners were not allowed to sleep for 7 days or to use the restroom for 3 days. One practitioner was forbidden to use the restroom for five days; when she lost control of her bladder and bowels, she was sent to the hospital.

After that, the wicked police forced the Dafa practitioners to sleep on the wet ground. They didn't even let us change our clothes for over twenty days. The police beat several Dafa practitioners with electric batons; some were beaten to such an extent that they could hardly walk. They didn't release those practitioners on the 12th Team until last June.

No more than two months after we got back to the 12th Team, we had itchy and painful scabies all over. In the daytime, the scabies was very painful; but it was itchy at night and this made us restless.

They released some of the practitioners on medical parole. Later on, some Dafa practitioners became enlightened to the fact that we should not cooperate with this arrangement. So we refused to sign our names on medical parole document and thus asked for our unconditional release. The police, however, persecuted us even more severely. We had no sleep, and we couldn't wash our clothes. They also beat us and cursed at us in order to pressure us to give up Falun Gong.

I was released later. I feel pain when I think about how my fellow practitioners in the prison are suffering. I hope that the policeman at Wanjia and other labor camps will treat Dafa practitioners kindly and preserve a good future for themselves and their family. Otherwise, they may have no chance for regret.