(Clearwisdom.net) It was a wonderful day. Some practitioners in Canberra were practicing Falun Gong in the park. Since the Spring Festival, we have been receiving one group of Chinese tourists after another, handing them the truth clarification literature.

They were most fascinated by our group practice, especially when they saw Westerners following Mr. Li Hongzhi's directions on the tape to do the practice. Falun Gong has been banned in China and declared a [slanderous word omitted]. How come there are so many people doing the practice in the park? And there are Westerners, too. They could hardly believe their eyes.

Some practitioners went over and told them: Falun Gong has become very popular around the world. It has spread to over 50 countries and taken root there. Some of the Chinese tourists engaged in detailed conversations with us, some nodded, some listened in silence, and some watched us. There were also some people who avoided us.

Today, a middle-aged man, after reading the truth-clarifying literature and talking to the practitioners, said to those in his company, "Take a picture of me and Falun Gong." His friend then took a picture of him with the group practice as the background.