January 25, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Lixin was taken away by the police department in November 2000 because he made 100 copies of Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. As Wang refused to cooperate with the evil, he did not divulge his name. The supervisors and criminals at the detention center all called him "Dafa practitioner."

In the No. 5 prison cell of Jilin City's No.3 Detention Center, in order to protest against the unjust treatment towards Falun Dafa practitioners and the slander against Falun Dafa, Wang refused to eat. After the 2nd day of hunger strike, he was sent to No.6 prison cell. The cell monitor, Feng Naiwu (who claimed to be a secret society member and was imprisoned because he embezzled ten thousand Yuan) made things difficult for Wang in all kinds of ways. He verbally insulted Wang and forbade him to go to the washroom. On the fourth day of his hunger strike, Wang was sent to No. 8 prison cell. The cell monitor Yang Hailong tried to persuade and threaten Wang in vain. Criminal Feng wanted to curry favor with Supervisor Yang, so he took the initiative to request that Wang be transferred back to No.6 prison cell. Feng even declared in public that Supervisor Yang had already given permission to beat up Wang. When they were force-feeding Wang, they tried so hard to pry open his mouth that Wang's mouth was covered with blood. In the end, Wang was suffocated and lost consciousness.

Feng thought of a wicked plot. He made two young criminals aged fifteen to sixteen years old sob and wail repeatedly in front of Wang to persuade him to ingest food. Feng threatened to beat up the two young criminals if they did not succeed in their attempt. Wang saw through their evil plot and was unmoved. Feng flew into a rage. He ordered 9 criminals on the night shift to forbid Wang to sleep. One of them, named Zhang Qun, had practiced boxing for many years. He actively obeyed Feng's order. Once Zhang saw Wang close his eyes, he would pour cold water on him using a plastic mineral water bottle. If Wang closed his eyes again, he would stomp on Wang with his feet. He would also use his heel to stomp on Wang's ribs and legs. He used his fists to box Wang's ribs. Basically, he was using Wang as a punching bag for boxing practice.

On the fifth day of the hunger strike, Supervisor Yang and Supervisor Zhang summoned some hatchet men to forcefully bring Wang, who was handcuffed and shackled, to the supervisor's room. There, Wang was force-fed one jin [0.5 Kg] of concentrated salt water. Zhang held the plastic mineral water bottle that was used to pour salt water into Wang and swaggered complacently on an inspection tour around the No.6 prison cell. We could clearly see that the salt left in the mineral water bottle was like thick porridge. On the night of the sixth day, Wang was tormented again for the whole night without sleep while enduring the corrosive effect of the salt water.

On the afternoon of the seventh day of the hunger strike, Wang's whole body was very weak. He was unable to think clearly and the words he muttered were unintelligible. Criminals Feng, Zhang and another named Xiaohong (who was admitted to the detention center due to robbery and involvement with organized crime) took turns kicking and stomping on Wang. Supervisor Yang and Zhang leaned against the window and watched for two minutes before opening the cell door. They asked Feng, Zhang and Xiaohong to bring Wang into the Supervisor's room. Then the screams of pain from Wang could be heard. After more than half an hour, they sent Wang back to No.6 prison cell. Wang had both his hands tied behind his back and there was a white towel tied across his mouth. He could only make muffled sounds.

On the eighth day of the hunger strike, Wang was sent to the hospital but he died two days later.

Once, Zhang forbade Wang to sleep at night. While he was beating up Wang, one senior supervisor who was on patrol saw him and tried to stop him. On the second day, this incident was recorded on the blackboard. But Supervisor Yang not only ignored the incident, his animosity towards the senior supervisor deepened. This made Feng and his gang even more brazen in their behavior. Feng has now been released.