Jan. 25th, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhao Guifeng, female, about 40 years old, a doctor at the First Auto Manufactory in Changchun City, Jilin Province, was detained without reason in Shuangyang Detention Center and brutally tortured. The police from Station 1, Changchun Public Security, under the pretext of interrogation, had taken her away blindfolded three times. The first time she was returned after three days and nights, during which time she was viciously beaten and tortured on the "Tiger Bench" (a torture where a person is forced to sit on a small iron bench motionlessly for a long period of time). The second time, she was taken away for five days and nights, and her right arm and ribs were fractured from the beating. The third time she was taken away for 7 days and nights, and her neck was broken. She didn't receive any treatment for her injury after the second beating. During the third interrogation and beating she passed out a number of times. However, the wicked police poured cold water on her to wake her up, and resumed beating her until her neck was broken.

When she was semi-conscious, Zhao Guifeng heard a policeman say that they mustn't do what they had done to Gao Ya and beat her to death, so the police sent her back to her cell.

Later, it became known that to avoid publicity, the Changchun Public Security Station 1 police took Zhao Guifeng in a car to a rented room in a hotel near Jingyue Lake to secretly torture her. In order to conceal their crimes, the police didn't send Zhao to the hospital for treatment, even when her arm, ribs, and neck were fractured. Instead, they held her in Shuangyang Detention Center. Inmates who knew about the incident were all locked away in labor camps to prevent any information from getting out. As of this date, Zhao's fate and whether she is dead or alive is still unknown. Furthermore, there are many more practitioners like Gao Ya who were beaten to death, yet the outside world knows nothing about it.

This information was brought out from a labor camp just before the New Year. The witness urged us again and again that this truth must be made known to all people and that the evil must be exposed.