February 7, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) CHANGCHUN -- Since January 2002, the Luyuan District Public Security Bureau has instigated another round of arresting Dafa practitioners. It's been said that there is a 5000 Yuan RMB reward for arresting a Dafa practitioner. This motivates greedy police to arrest Dafa practitioners franticly and work hard for the Jiang regime's warped political interests.

Around 9 o'clock on the evening of February 3, 2002, policemen from Xi'an Plaza Police Station knocked at the door of Dafa practitioner Wang Yuxiang, but Wang refused to open the door. The police smashed a window and broke in. Then they took Wang, his wife and son, all Dafa practitioners, by force.

The policemen from Zhengyang Police Station knocked on Dafa practitioners' doors one after another. No matter who opened the door, the policemen would force their way in and illegally search the houses. If they found any books or materials related to Falun Dafa, they would arrest the practitioners. Within two weeks, three practitioners, including Peng Yun and Li Shuqin, had been abducted. The police extorted several thousand Yuan from one of them. The whereabouts of the other two are still unknown.

A 20-year-old Dafa practitioner who lives in the jurisdiction of Luyuan Police Station was paralyzed before he began practicing Falun Dafa. After practicing for a while, he could stand and even walk slowly. In order to validate Dafa with the story of his miraculous recovery, with the help of his parents he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa at the end of last year. After returning home, his father was unlawfully sent to a labor camp. His mother has since been detained for passing out truth clarifying materials about Falun Dafa. This young man, still partially disabled, has been left at home to take care of himself with no source of income. He also has no way to go out to call for justice. So, he put up signs reflecting his heart, like "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa" and "Return My Parents," on the windows of their sixth floor apartment. On February 4, some policemen from Luyuan Police Station used a master key to break into the apartment. They tied him up and beat him. After searching his home, the police declared, "If you were not disabled, we would send you to the labor camp!"

Those who work for Jiang's evil persecution commit acts of violence and all sorts of crimes in public. Their conduct totally violates Chinese laws, China's Constitution, and tramples on all the international human right's agreements that China has signed. These people sell their consciences for money. However, they don't know what awaits them is such a horrible and sad consequence, for they must be held accountable for all their crimes.

We suggest that overseas practitioners and people of goodwill worldwide call them and tell them the truth directly. Below is a list of relevant phone numbers:

The hot line for the Jilin Province Police Station: 86-431-2780701

Police Brutality Complaint & Appeal Letter Office for the Provincial Public Security Bureau: 86-431-8926438

Luyuan Public Security Bureau in Changchun City: 86-431-7613125

Xi'an Plaza Police StationF86-431-7914833

Qingnian Road Police StationF86-431-7936990

Luyuan Police StationF86-431-7974610

Chengxi Police StationF86-431-7872285

Xijiao Police StationF86-431-7924962

Sijianfang Police StationF86-431-7877765

Hexin Police StationF86-431-7858512

Luyuan District Judicial BureauF86-431-7988637

General Secretary, Zhengyang Street Office of Luyuan DistrictF86-431-7974529

General Secretary, Chuncheng Street Office of Luyuan DistrictF86-431-7620220

The Party Office at Puyang Street Office of Luyuan DistrictF86-431-7923266

The Party Office at Qingnian Street Office of Luyuan DistrictF86-431-7917310

The Party Office at Tiexi Street Office of Luyuan DistrictF86-431-7914746