The Chinese Olympic Team competing in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and Taiwan Dafa practitioners participating in truth-clarification activities were on the same flight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. Suddenly, a male flight attendant announced important procedures on the airplane in Chinese, and thoughtfully wished the Chinese Olympic Team and Dafa practitioners success in their respective activities. He said, "We wish the Chinese Skating Team an exceptional performance, and return to China with pride. We also wish all Dafa practitioners complete success in their events at the Winter Olympic Games. We thank the Taiwan practitioners and practitioners from over sixty countries for their participation, and the awareness and concern of all people of the world who believe in Zhen-Shan-Ren [truthfulness, compassion, forbearance], thank you!"

As it turned out, this male flight attendant was a veteran volunteer assistant of the Taiwan practitioner team, and because none of the flight attendants knew Chinese, he was asked to help announce to the Chinese Olympic Team members who didn't understand English.