(Clearwisdom.net) On February 3, 2002, New York's World Economic Forum had begun its fourth day. At 8:00 a.m., practitioners throughout the world had arrived at Manhattan's various appointed locations for another day of promoting Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth, as a continuation from the previous day's activities entitled 'Falun Dafa Awareness Day.'

At the Waldorf Hotel, a highly visible and busy location, Falun Dafa practitioners performed the standing exercises continuously throughout the day, attracting interest from many people passing by. Some practitioners patiently answered various questions about Falun Dafa from the media and interested people, while others, tirelessly handed out flyers to introduce Falun Dafa. Practitioners never became weary or burdened by the long hours of continuous activity, and their pure and peaceful atmosphere attracted the Daily News, AFP, BBC and numerous local media who interviewed and took pictures of the practitioners. After two years of continuous efforts by practitioners in validating Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth throughout the world, especially to those in Mainland China, the people of the world have expanded their understanding of the profound nature of Falun Dafa. Many have gained an understanding that goes far deeper than it appears.

This understanding can be seen by a few of the anecdotal occurrences shared by practitioners at this event.

1. "I remember you!"

As the practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, two independent reporters were taking pictures of the various practitioners. One of the reporters said to a practitioner, "I remember you. You were in the Battery Park practice last year!" This demonstrated that the media indeed has strong favorable impressions of Falun Dafa and the practitioners.

2. "Do you have anyone practicing Falun Dafa in Manchester?"

While the practitioners were performing the exercises, a couple approached them, and asked, "We came from Manchester, England. Do you have anyone practicing Falun Dafa in Manchester?" The practitioners eagerly explained to them how to utilize the Internet to find practice sites in or near Manchester. The couple expressed their gratitude before leaving.

3. "Dear, won't you try this?"

An elderly couple watched the practitioners for a long time. The elderly lady watched the practitioners perform the exercises and finally began to imitate the movements. When the practitioners noticed her interest, they compassionately taught her the correct movements for each exercise. After she finished the first cycle of "The Great Heavenly Circuit" exercise, she said to her husband, "This is great! Dear, won't you try this?" After the elderly lady earnestly learned the movements, she asked for information regarding a local practice site and was extremely grateful when the practitioners gave her the phone number of a local practitioner where she could get further information. The couple left happily.

4. A police officer happily learning the exercise movements

While practitioners were performing the third exercise, far away among the policemen was a female officer who was seriously imitating the exercise movements. From her expressions, everyone could easily see that she was enjoying the exercises.

There were other incidents that generally reflected the people's love toward Falun Dafa, demonstrating that Falun Dafa is slowly being accepted into the hearts of people everywhere.

After the long day's activities, practitioners concluded the event with a candle light vigil in the evening. This commemorated those innocent practitioners whose lives have been lost due to the persecution of Falun Dafa, and encouraged all of us to live up to the honorable title of "Dafa Disciples" bestowed upon us by our Teacher.