(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin Province. As I obtained the Fa fairly early, I am considered to be a veteran practitioner. Out of fear, I had stayed at home to practice cultivation and did not step forward to validate Dafa.

After reading heart-rending Fa-Rectification stories one after another on Clearwisdom.net, I could no longer keep silent. Through thorough Fa study, I found my true self in the Fa. The thought of going to Beijing grew stronger and stronger. Our Teacher says, "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces. Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination, because you are a part of Dafa, indestructible; rectify all that is not righteous. Those who are "reformed" and those who are being saved can only be beings deceived by the evil. Those who are being eliminated are the evil beings and the evil old forces. Those who are reaching Consummation through all this are Dafa disciples; and through all this Dafa's mighty virtue is established." ("Dafa is Indestructible") I came to understand that safeguarding the Fa is really a selfless act and a way to "assist Teacher in the human world."

On July 13, 2001, in order to fulfill my age-old vow to eliminate the evil and awaken people, I stood in the middle of Tiananmen Square and shouted from the bottom of my heart, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore the reputation of Falun Gong! Restore the reputation of my Teacher!" At that solemn moment, my heart was empty, my brain was empty, and I experienced the state of "body and mind being united into one." In my heart, I said to Teacher, "Your disciple came too late." In my heart, I said to sentient beings, "Here I am, you have been waiting for a long time. I am here to eliminate the evil." I seemed to see Teacher smiling at me and that sentient beings were cheering for me.

Police arrested me and sent me to the Chaoyang District Detention Center in Beijing. They asked me, "What is the point of coming here?" I said, "I can clarify the truth to you. If you know that Falun Gong is good, your lives will be saved, and my coming here will not have been in vain." They took turns asking for my address, but I firmly refused to cooperate.

On the 17th came six policemen who just graduated from a police academy. They tried to force me to reveal my name and address, but I refused to answer. They then used a wooden baton to beat me on my right leg. As a result, my whole leg turned black and blue. Seeing I refused to give in, they then madly connived to use even more vicious tactics. They put our great Teacher's photo on the ground, and six of them forcefully carried me toward the photo, trying to make me step on it. I tried my best to shift my legs to either side, but the policemen held my legs and put my feet on Teacher's photo, and even used their feet to step on my feet. These six policemen shouted violently, "Take a picture of her, she is stepping on her Teacher's photo!" I exclaimed, "Why do you tell lies? You can do nothing but make up lies!" I would in no way accept the evil's persecution, and I would by no means let them stay so inhumanly furious. I suddenly kneeled down on Teacher's photo. Those policemen controlled by the evil force had no idea what their fate would be. I only felt sad and pitied them.

The policemen did not know how to deal with me. They then changed their strategy. They asked me to give them 10,000 yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] to take care of their families. Then they would release me. Confronting them, I sternly said, "If I had 10,000 yuan, I would use it to make truth-clarification materials. How could I give it to you!" They then viciously slapped me twice in the face. Whatever means of torture they used would not work for me. Finally they had to give up the interrogation.

In the process of opposing the evil force's arrangement, through sharing views and experiences with fellow practitioners, I found out my deficiencies in understanding the Fa. For example, due to my fear of being arrested, I had even brought a change of clothes, and I wore a pair of good running shoes. In fact, at that point, I had already accepted the evil force's arrangement.

Because I refused to cooperate with the evil, I was unconditionally released 41 days later. At that time, I did not have a penny in my pocket. I came to a small grocery store and told the storekeeper that I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and that I would like to use her phone to call my family because I was unreasonably detained for more than 40 days, and that I did not have any money. When the old lady learned that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, she immediately let me use her phone.

Now I wholeheartedly participate in the Fa-Rectification. I deeply cherish this precious time from Teacher's vast giving. Teacher said, "Your cultivation history will be a great and magnificent Fa that builds up your mighty virtue in the future." (Lecture in Singapore) Let's closely follow the process of Teacher's Fa-Rectification, and each one become a real Dafa particle to assist Teacher in the human world.