(Clearwisdom.net) Over a week ago a film show was organised by the Chinese Students Association in Heidelberger, Germany. We took this opportunity to hand out truth-clarifying VCDs to the Chinese people who came to watch the film. Almost everyone accepted the VCDs, and the reason that some did not was because they had already watched it before. Some even asked to have more in order to help us to hand them out.

I went into the cinema when the film was about to begin. Inside, someone took the initiative to ask me for one. When I saw the person who was in charge of showing the film, I went up to give him one and said, "Our VCDs are meant to be watched by all the Chinese people, and you also have the right to know the truth. Actually even for those working for the [Chinese] embassy, we also clarify the truth to them." He replied seriously, "I am actually a staff member of the embassy." I said, "Then that's great. Usually, it's hard for us to meet with you when we try to look for you! It's best for you to take a look at this VCD, it's good for you." While speaking I handed the VCD to him, but he did not accept it. However, I think that in his heart he must have understood the truth.

A practitioner who has contact with the embassy staff told me that even they believed that the photos about the persecution [against Falun Dafa practitioners in China] displayed in front of the embassy are true. They also read Clearwisdom.net everyday. Once when a practitioner took away the materials in the embassy that defamed Falun Gong, a staff member said, "Take all of them away, we don't want these things placed here either." People's minds are becoming clearer and clearer, and their compassionate thoughts are being awakened more and more. Even some of those who had directly participated in the persecution are, from their hearts, no longer willing to "go down into the gate of no-life" [Teacher's article "Foretelling the Fa's Rectification of the Human World"] together with Jiang and Luo's gang.