Nov. 28, 2002

( Because of the fabricated rumors and false charges the evil forces have brought against Falun Dafa during the persecution, my family once had a certain degree of misunderstanding about my cultivation practice. In response to this situation, I played the truth-clarifying VCD about the "self-immolation" to them, gave them articles that explained the facts, and clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. I talked to them patiently and eliminated their confusion and fear.

Gradually my husband woke up. He came to understand that all the news about Falun Gong on TV in China is false, and is actually deceiving people. He went through a major change of heart. He stopped misunderstanding my cultivation practice, started to empathize with me, and then gave me strong support. Through clarifying the truth patiently and carefully, my two children both gained a new understanding about Dafa and provided me with support and help in practicing cultivation and clarifying the truth.

My family all give very high priority to the precious time for sending forth righteous thoughts. They do not practice cultivation, but all of them treat this as their own personal matter. My husband always remembers when it's time, and he reminds me as soon as it's close to the hour, saying, "It's time!" Sometimes a meal is ready and it is close to the time for sending forth righteous thoughts. Once I said, "Let's eat first." My husband said, "If we wait until you finish sending forth righteous thoughts it won't be too late to eat. Don't botch up this important matter."

Especially at midnight, many times it is my husband who wakes up to look at the clock. If he finds it's approaching the hour, he wakes me up, "It's time! Get up!" If I forget the time because of studying the Fa or doing something else, my husband reminds me; he carefully watches the clock and calls me as soon as the time comes.

Another especially noteworthy occurrence is something my daughter does. My daughter works the night shift. She calls me and wakes me up six or seven minutes before midnight, saying, "Mom, it's time!" These seem to be minor things, but they demonstrate the mighty benevolence and boundless power of Dafa, and indicate that millions of people all have a positive view of Dafa. Since I started practicing cultivation, every time that I did not do well or could not pass some xinxing [moral character, heart nature] tests, my daughter has felt sincerely concerned. At times she has seriously told me, "You've been practicing cultivation for so many years, and you still don't give priority to improving your xinxing." My daughter also positively puts forth effort in helping me to clarify the truth. One day she gave me 300 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] so that I could make some truth-clarifying materials.

Before the 16th Party Congress, I was arrested and taken to a brainwashing center by unjust people from my local community who were conspiring with the corrupt police. I went on a water and hunger strike to resist the persecution. They used both persuasion and threats, saying they would force feed me and send me to more dangerous places to be persecuted, that they would sentence me, and so on. However, none of these threats moved my heart, and I continued to firmly cultivate in Dafa.

Finally, they were out of ideas and decided to use a more sinister approach. They called my son and daughter at work, and with a hypocritical and threatening tone told my children, "You just have to persuade your mother to drink a sip of water, and we'll let you go back to work. Otherwise you'll be laid off, and you will lose your jobs. Do you know the nature of this Falun Gong that your mother is practicing? It is anti-Party. What good is there in practicing Falun Gong?"

I didn't say anything, but my daughter started to speak, "Since my mother started practicing Falun Gong, she hasn't once been ill for several years." The evil person became speechless and stared, dumb-founded. He couldn't say anything else. My daughter even encouraged me, saying, "Your righteous thoughts must be strong so that you can eliminate the evil's persecution, leave the brainwashing center, and go back home openly and nobly."

My son said, "I will talk to the people holding you. When they come, I'll just explain the true situation." Later my son went to talk to the person in charge of the persecution and said, "I cannot persuade my mother. She will do what she thinks is right; that is how she is!" My son told me sincerely, "As long as you are okay, it doesn't matter if I lose my job."

Later on, under the benevolent protection of Teacher, the strengthening righteous thoughts from my fellow practitioners, and the sincere encouragement from my family, I held righteous faith in Teacher and Dafa and, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and in an open and noble manner, left the brainwashing center and again merged into the current of Fa-rectification.