(Clearwisdom.net) From August to September 2002, four Dafa disciples were illegally imprisoned in a small cell in Baoding City Forced Labor Camp, Hebei Province. Permanently confined to the small cell, they completely lost all freedom and experienced cruel and inhuman tortures. Their family members went to visit them, but they were not allowed to see the practitioners or say a single word to them. To protest the persecution, these four Dafa practitioners started a hunger strike. The prison guards then separated them into different cells and force-fed them. In order to force-feed practitioners, prison guard Zhang Guohong ordered Liu Qiulan and other inmates to pull the practitioners' hair, cover their nostrils, beat their faces with slippers if the practitioner refused to co-operate, and pry their mouths open with sticks. The practitioners began to throw up blood after the force-feeding. While force-feeding Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Yiqin, the prison guards beat and mocked her. The food was aspirated into her lung, causing her to vomit blood. The prison guards stopped the force-feeding only after she became unconscious. Zhang Yiqin suffered pain when she breathed; later, she was also forcibly administered medicine.

Liu Qiulan and other inmates tied Zhang Yiqin to a chair in the position of the sitting exercise for three days and nights. After three days, Zhang Yiqin was in critical condition and was sent to Baoding City Hospital. The prison guards pressured the doctors to write a false medical report that claimed Zhang Yiqin had tuberculosis. In order to shirk responsibility, the forced labor camp then claimed that Zhang Yiqin suffered from tuberculosis and ordered her family members to take her home. Zhang Yiqin passed away in September 11, 2002, a few days after she was taken home.

Responsible Persons:

Team leader Yan

Team leader Li

Team leader Bai

Zhang Guohong

Kan Shoujuan


Liu Qiulan

November 29, 2002

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Female Dafa Practitioner Zhang Yiqin from Beihan Village, Laiyuan County Tortured to Death at the Baoding Labor Camp, Hebei Province