Written on November 27, 2002


Falun Dafa disciples outside of China are volunteering for many Fa-rectification tasks. Fa-rectification tasks are not thought of during personal cultivation, nor are they thought about by non-practitioners. To do these jobs well, we have to make sure that our every thought and every action are those of Dafa disciples. In other words, we must never forget that we are Dafa disciples. We have to strictly cultivate our xinxing (mind nature) according to what Dafa has taught us. This provides the fundamental assurance that we are able to manifest miraculous deeds in our Dafa work.

It is often very hard to make every action and thought that of a Dafa disciple. For instance, we clearly know that we should study the Fa, practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts with a calm mind. But our minds often run in different directions than we want them to. When we neglect Fa-study, loosen up on xinxing improvements and overuse our human minds it indicates that we have not put down ordinary habits and minds. Since we get attached to doing things, we cannot fundamentally solve problems. An ordinary person's hard work can only directly affect the surface and will not create the best results. Our xinxing too easily falls into a hard-to-upgrade situation, which is not what we want to achieve.

Another example is group Fa-study among overseas disciples. Many regions have fallen into formalities. We have to read the Fa, but whenever the reading stops, people immediately start to discuss our tasks and turn the Fa-study session into a work meeting. I believe this phenomenon wastes our cultivation environment in a peaceful setting. Many have seen this problem and tried to solve it by suggesting that more time be spent on reading and less on discussing Fa-rectification work. I read over what Master said a few years ago about group Fa-study. I realized that the real purpose for group Fa-study and discussion is for discussing the importance of Fa-study and xinxing cultivation, but not for work oriented meetings. To stay on a Dafa disciple's path, we must follow what Master taught us about group Fa-study. Then we can benefit without pursuing and reach the best result.

How can we solve conflicts on such tight schedules with so many tasks and the need to improve technical skills? I used to think time was limited, much like the height of a house is fixed. How can you keep filling it up without breaking through the ceiling? After reviewing Master's words on group Fa-study, my mind opened up. It is very simple. We can discuss how we use Fa principles to guide ourselves in doing certain Dafa work, how we upgrade our xinxing and enable every thought and action of ours to be that of Dafa disciples. Dafa has no boundaries. If the Fa principle is clear in our mind, our xinxing will improve and the wisdom or technique that we should possess will naturally occur. Using solid, down to the earth, persistent efforts, we will do our task well automatically. We will not need such long meeting times and we will achieve perfect coordination. With one heart, one mind and everyone using righteous thoughts to guide himself, specific problems can be solved smoothly in many ways.

In reality, our little group has already done it this way for nearly two years. We spend very little time on work meetings. Since every one of us is clear-minded and upgrades his xinxing during the process of doing Dafa work, we become better and better Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. We are all expanding our volume of compassion and enhancing our skills so that we can all play the role of a Dafa particle and do better and better during the Fa-rectification period. Please share the above experience with fellow practitioners through the Clearwisdom website.