Despite the ruthless and sinister persecution, Dafa practitioner Zhu Hongbing was unyielding to the evil and upheld his righteousness to the very end. Through him, the solemnity of Dafa was seen, and the unyielding righteous spirit manifested. Even the torturers admitted that Zhu was a real man. Nevertheless, to achieve their end, they hung him up and flogged him for three days and nights. In protest of their cruelty, Zhu refused to accept any food. The prison officer did not leave him alone. They forced fed him but the forcibly infused fluid entered into Zhu's lung instead of his stomach, which put his life in mortal danger. Finally, on October 1st, China's National Day, they sent him to hospital in an emergency. As Zhu's lung was infected, and filled with pus, the hospital had to puncture the lung and insert a tube to drain the mucus out. Even during the emergency procedure, Zhu was heavily guarded like a criminal, with his hands and feet still in cuffs.

Recently, long-term sentences were passed illegally behind closed doors on four other Dafa practitioners, Zhang Xingye, Zhang Zhong, Dai Zhizhong, and Yao Bin and it was said that they would be sent to Hongweixing Prison to serve their terms.

We appeal to all the kindhearted readers to help save these people from such unlawful and inhuman treatment.