November 2, 2002

( Song Caihong, female, 31 years old, was an employee of Xincheng City Fruit Tree Bureau's Consulting Service Center in Liaoning Province. On October 13, 1999 she was illegally detained and then sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp for a three-year sentence. She should have been released on October 12, 2002, but nobody has seen her yet. In August of this year, her family was notified by telephone that she had been sent to Shenyang City Detention Center.

Having nowhere else to turn, the family members went to the Masanjia Labor Camp to ask for more information. The labor camp authorities never gave them a straight answer.

Her family members know how brutal the Masanjia Labor Camp's guards are. They are seriously concerned about her condition after staying in such a place where good people are cruelly tortured.

According to the sources, the young woman, Song Caihong, and two other fellow practitioners were brutally tortured and inhumanly abused. Failing to force them to give up their faith, the prison authorities escalated the persecution and illegally sent them to the detention center for further imprisonment.

Without any channel to use to appeal, her family members make a plea to all kind-hearted people for help. Please extend your help to save them, and to reunite them with their families.